Maids Gakuen - 04

“Wake up, Adelle…” The soft words of a girl awoke Adam.

“Is this… a dream?” he asked at the blurry view of the beautiful face of a pink hair girl close to his.

“Adelle…” she whispered before that happened.

“Wha-what the hell! KYAAAAA!!!”

Noticing that her little sister was still in the realm of Morpheus, Erica didn’t hesitate in changing her soft approach for a more aggressive attack. She threw away the sheets covering her sister and immediately attacked her well developed breast. Adelle’s consciousness returned to earth in an instant; however, Erica kept squeezing her breast until she finally squirted a lovely scream full of pleasure.

“That was mean, Nee-san,” complained Adelle with tears on her eyes, once she was fully awake and making her bed.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry. But you weren’t awaking and time was running out.”

“But it’s still early, why would we run out of time…?”

Erica just sighed at such statement, sure that in little minutes her little sister would understand why the time was so precious.

“Eh? Eh? Wh-why isn’t this closing,” grumbled Adelle as she began to fight to clasp her bra. “Hmm… This… Mmm… My breast… Is this the right size?”

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“Now you get why time is so precious?”

“I–I don’t… Ah! Can you help me, please?” Adelle sighed frustrated.

“Sure, but you will have to learn to do it by yourself asap.”

“I know, but… It’s my first time…” she blushed, making her sister smile.

“It’s not as if there is just one way to put it on. But what you need to know at least is that it is a step process, if you kept trying to do it in one go, you will end just hurting yourself.”

Adelle’s eyes opened in surprises, listening to the words of her sister, who walk behind her after finishing with her hair.

“First,” she said taking her sister’s hand and driving her gently to her back, “feel the hooks and clasp them in the loosest,” she stated helping her sister to clasp them. “If it feels too loose, then…”

“I think that would do, but…” the blue hair girl interrupted.

“I see,” Erica said in a cold tone. “Well then, let’s adjust that fat orbs inside the cups,” she said as she aggressively fast got the remaining flesh inside the cup of the bra.

“Hey! Wait! What are you doing, nee-san?!”

“I’m helping you to put that big things of yours inside correctly, what else?”

“E-eh? Bu-but, you are… Kyaa!”

Once again Erica played with and squeezed her little sister’s big breast until she moaned.

“The last step is to adjust the straps,” she said as she tightened the straps of her sister’s bra.

“Nee… san… that’s a little too… tight.”

“Oooh! I see. Then…”

“Ah! That’s to loose!”

“Then let’s get that meat balls inside again and…”

The bra lesson kept going like that until Adelle’s face was completely red and her breath denoted her exhausting. She was sweaty and gasping for air, but still accepted Erica’s help to get ready.

Clothes were easy. The hair was not much of a trouble, but Adelle still came to meet the hair cream for the first time too. The last touch was some cream and some lip balm with a subtle touch of gloss.

“So this is how makeup…”

“It’s not makeup. Just a little bit of cream and lip balm to preserve the skin hydration. One of the first things a senpai told me when I asked for advices to handle my, our, new condition was: Forget all what you have seen in tv and internet about a girl’s appearance, we are still pretty young girls. Just take care of your skin and left actual makeup for important occasions… or until you have legally become an adult woman.”

“Mmm… That sounds as a good advice, but… Was she actually a senpai? Are you sure she was not a teacher?”

“I thought the same,” Erica laughed outloud at the memory of that senpai laughing embarrassed and her whole overreaction when she asked her if she wasn’t an oba-san transformed into a teen again.

“Well, enough with the good memories and female lessons. If you are ready, let’s begin with your first school day, little sis.” Erica smiled brightly, making Adelle blush before smiling back to her.