Deviant Account Suspension

Well, what can I say in my defense?

Nothing at all. XD

I messed it big this time. And when I said “big”, it’s actually “BIG”!!

Where do I begin? I’ll be suspended for one month for violating Deant Art policies, all the captions I uploaded there have been deleted, and I now I understand why half of the captioners never return to Deviant.

Well, I probably will go back in a month, but I probably won’t be as active as I have been up to yesterday.

Anyway, I don’t really know if any of my blog readers followed me at Deviant too, but if by any mean you did, please tell others, that I’ll keep active at blog spot for the meantime.

With that said, see you one of these days.

PS: And sorry for ruining such a good relationship.


  1. you deserved that, i saw what you posted and deviantart is not a place for that thing, you could censor it, but anyway, i will still follow you here

    1. You are right, I totally forgot the rules. And well, I'll just have to face the consequences of my actions as I should.

      Thanks for passing by and for your support. (^^)/

  2. I'm TGWorkshop, and good thing you have Blogspot to back up. I've told others.

  3. Although I'm glad that it's only a month of suspension instead of a permanent ban... I do feel sorry for you.
    I mean, seeing you being removed from a site where you've put so much effort, that's demotivating, at least that's what I would feel like.

    Unfortunately, I don't know any of your other watchers so, I'm not really helpful in contacting them.
    If there's anyone special you want to inform, just give me their names and I'll give them a link to this post.

    1. Thanks for your concern. I won't deny I'm a little down and quite frustrated, but it was my whole fault. Now, the only thing I can do is learned from my mistake.

      And don't worry, since you were the only one who came here before I even noticed the lost of my account, you were the only one I thought to contact directly (sort of).

    2. Well, I just wish you the best of success that this incident won't gnaw on you too much.

      Anyway, if you one day feel like wanting to chat, just hop on Discord and give me a sign.
      Theoretically I could've just messaged you there but... I never in my life saw you active there (just some hints that you were active).

    3. Thank you very much. I'll call you if anything happens.

      And talking about Discord, I probably be a little more active, now that I can't contact anyone through Deviant... But who knows?

      There's also a chance that I take the month and to focus completely in my Patreon's novel. But time would say. XD

      See you and thanks again.


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