The Great Shift 12

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“D-Dad, Th-this feels weird. Mom’s body is getting hotter and hotter even with the cold water. And, and her boobs are itching so as between her legs. A-am I getting sick, dad?”

“Oh, no, my son, all those sensations are natural for a mature woman’s body. I’m sure that you have felt something similar many times since The Great Shift put you inside of your mother’s body, right?”

“Y-yes, but… I have never feel like this. A-are you sure I don’t need to go to the doctor, dad?”

“Don’t worry, you are just feeling a thing called “stress”. Your mother also felt it and I know exactly how to relieve it.”

“Oh, Okay… but even my heart is pounding faster and faster. I’m a little scared, dad.”

“I know, I know, I’ll help you. All you need is a massage, like when you hurt your feet. Remember?”
“Wo-would it be enough with that?”

“Yes, and just like that time, it would feel a little painful at the beginning, but when we have finished, you will feel better again. So you will need to endure as a big boy, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll endure it, dad.”

“Then here I go.”

“Ah!! My-my boobs! Ah! Dad!”

“Don’t worry, you will feel better soon.”

“O-o-okay… AH!! AH!! Dad… That… Ah! I feel… hot… I have fever… Dad… my-my lips are itching. I-I want… something…”

“Turn around and look at this.”

“Ah! Your… your… it’s huge…”

“I’m sorry, to tell you this, but… can you smell it.”

“But… Well… Ah… It-it smells as… as if… Ah!”

“You-you are doing it… even better that your mother! Ah!”

“It’s… It’s just that… that my mouth wanted it.”

“Ah! I’m… I’m coming!”

“Dad… Dad! Wha–What… Milk… It’s delicious… I–I want more…”

“So-sorry, even if I want to give you more, if Dad’s gets soft, I won’t be able to help you with the itchiness between your legs.”

“Eh? But-but it was… I want more… But… I also… What is the next step?”

“Just lay down and spread your legs.”

“Li-like this?”

“Exactly, now try not to scream, okay?”

“O-okay… Ah! Ah! That… That’s… Ah!! My-my body is boiling, Dad! I-I… Ah! I–I want more… I want Dad inside me… more… Ah! I-I feel… I want to pee! Dad! I want to pee!! Dad!!!”

“I’ll come… inside you…”

“Dad… AHHH!!!!”

“How do you feel, my son?”

“Mu-much better… I-I’m exhausted, but the fever is going… And my body is not itching more.”

“You see? I told you I knew how to sold that, right?”

“You are awesome, Dad!”

“Jeje. Now you know, whenever you feel like that again, tell me and I’ll give you another massage. Okay?”

“Okay, but… Dad? What if I need it at school or when you are not here? Sho-should I ask…”

“NO! Dad is the only one that can give you that massage, okay?!”

“O-Okay… But then…?”

“The-there are some… Toys… that will help you. But they should be used just when you are alone, but… How many times do you feel that itching in a day?”

“We-well… I didn’t want to tell you, but… these… these many.”

“Fi-five times a day?!”

“I-I’m sorry! M-maybe I do need to go to the doctor.”

“No-no, you, you no need to worry!! I-I’m just surprised. If you need it that many times a day, I’ll try to please… help you as much as I can, but there would be times you will need to endure until I can help you okay? You are a good boy, so promise me you wont ask anyone else for help, okay?”

“Okay. Thank you, Dad. But…”


“Well, I… I know you just helped me, but… Well… for some reason mom’s body started to itch again, so… Can you give me one more massage while we are still in the bath room?”

“I-I’ll do… my best.”

“Thank you, Dad!! I love you!!!”


  1. You sure are obsessed with these mom-son swapping caps. This is pretty hot tho


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