Creepy TG Pasta: Deep Web Wife Code

The following story is based on unconfirmed events.

Saying this may be unnecessary, but I’ll still say it: If you are going to jump into the deep web, be careful or you won’t know what happened until it is too late.

With that say, let me tell you something about me.

I know I barely talk about myself, it is an obvious precaution; however, since this time I’m also a little involved in this story, I think you need to know the back ground at least.

Everything began when my brother and I were in elementary school. I won’t tell you the dark details of those days, but I’ll still say that, because of them, we both are now the quiet characters that you won’t even notice when walking in a street. We became too good in turning ourselves into perfect background characters.

But I’m getting out of topic. The reason I’ll telling you this, it’s because this is the main reason we got so obsessed with creating a personal and unbreakable code.

We were kids and, with the little we knew about codes creations, we keep playing until we had gathered who knows how many ideas for our own personal siblings’ code. I would love to say that it became our own personal language, but we are not exactly tenacious enough to keep using such a hard encryption system. Just remember that I'm talking about two elementary kids doing all this process in paper sheets, in an age where using internet and computers was still hard for mere kids too.

It was a pain in the ass, but I’ll also add that it was something fun to do with him.

Anyway, the reason why I’m telling you all these is because of a little reply we got about this code.
You are probably wondering how the hell you got a replay out a paper sheet, don’t you?

Sorry, this has nothing to do with conspiracy theories neither espionage nor paranormal events.

Years ago, around the year we graduated from college, he created a Tumblr account and posted two examples of our code.

Nothing happened.

Time passed and we forgot about that until we became fans of Dan Brown’s books. It was not until that that we noticed how childish were our attempts to create an unbreakable encryption system. It didn’t hit our egos, but we still sighed out loud before laughing bitterly.

But it didn’t end there, since we began to talk about creating our own mysterious book, after a documentary from History Channel about the legendary Voynich Code.

I know, I know… We are, even today, just grown up children. Please, avoid any comments about that.
Anyway, despite of the fire dying around one month after that idea came to life, it drove me to pay a visit to that forgotten post just to find a weird comment:

“I don’t know who you are, but if you are still there, I really need your help to solve this puzzle. I’m not proud of my actions, but something weird is happening to me. My skills, my intelligence, I’m disappearing. Even my body is changing, it’s… as if I’m becoming a woman. Please, when I tried to break into this weird xxx.onion site I got this message and… I don’t know, but everything began from that day. Here’s a copy of the code. Please, I need to solve this before it is too late.”


I found it curious, but I just ignored it as some kind of prank. Well, it didn’t help that the post was done after half the time the account was abandoned and after so many years, I was sure it was already too late.

I copied the reply in a notebook and forgot about it until I found it again little ago. I bet you will wonder why I didn’t save a copy in the computer or why I’m not posting neither a screenshot nor a link to the post.

Well, the digital copy was out of question, for the same reason we did everything in paper when we thought about the book, the spirit of conspiracy theories. About the screenshot… Well, don’t blame me for not knowing how to do that at that time. And about the link, as I said, it was an abandoned account, when I found the message I had luck that Google found the post, but when I look for it before writing this… Well… This time there was no luck. I bet the abandoned account has already been deleted, probably.

Whatever, at this point the only thing else I have to tell you about is about the trigger for this curious anecdote of mine.

Some weeks ago, I began to look for a game recommended by this youtuber and his list of “The 7 most recommended games from the deep web”. I don’t really want to say anything a far from the fact that I downloaded Tor and not sure about what I was doing, maybe do to my usual scary cat personality, I ended in a web page that looked like some of those pages announcing Russian Wives. I didn’t pass from that first page, my own fear to all those legends about the deep web got the best of me and got out of it asap, after what I deleted the program and ran the antivirus just to be sure. However, before closing the program, something caught my attention. I’m sure it must be a total coincidence, specially because of the time that has passed, but still the name attached to one of the pictures in that site call my attention: Demiurka Westlie.

Why? Because that was the screen name, outside of one “a”, of however posted that code I just shared with you.

This little coincidence inspired me to write a little caption about a hacker turned into a girl for trying to hack page, but at the end, I just preferred to tell you the story behind the concept and let you think whatever you want about it.

After all, that’s what I’m actually using the “creepy tg pasta” format for. So now tell me, what do you think?

All the copyrights of the image used above belong to the original owner, if you know him/her, please support him/her. The following image was borrowed from:

Ah! It's realy been sometime since I wrote something like this. Hope you like it.

And after all this story you probably aren't wondering why this person asked for help, but still, here's the reason: an example of our code.


Looks as if both were the same, right?

Well, if you break any, let me know. I'm truly curious about how easy was to figure out the answer for this children's game code, I'm talking about our of course. XD

See you next time.

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 Y para aquellos que hablan español, aquí está el video que mencioné:

Si termino en medio de una historia de teoría de conspiración,
diganle a Dross que me incluya en su cannal. XD

Ahora sí, hasta la siguente historia.
"Buenas noches."