Maids Gakuen - 03

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“Wow!” exclaimed Adelle at her first visit to the students’ bathroom. “Is-is this actually the right place?!” she asked astonished by the hugeness and high quality of the facilities. “We-we are not going to be penalized or something for being here, right?!”

“We won’t,” Erica stated little surprised by the reaction of her new little sister. “This is the bath for first and second year students.”


“Not that much,” she sighed, “at least when you know the reason behind it.”

“Eh?! So there is a trick?! I-I knew it!”

“Yeah, yeah, but before talking, take off your cloths and lets clean that cute body of yours first. Okay?”

“Eh?” Adelle stood startled at her place as she processed the request her new older sister gave her.

She gulped as her sight went right to the cleavage of her maid outfit. Up until that moment. Adam’s mind had remained in a sort of denial, letting Adelle act oblivious about her new figure. However, as she tried to figure out how to undo her current clothes, her mind began to run around the unavoidable fact that this was going to be her first time seeing a naked woman and it was going to be her own at that.

She fidgeted as she moved her hands around her body, trying to understand how to take it off, but as she kept doing so, she also kept touching her body in ways that made impossible to ignore the changes any more. And at the end, she finally ended exposing her breast. She felt her face boiling, as her eyes became to spirals and her nose started to ache.

“A-am I really going to nosebleed because of my own body?!” Adelle thought in panic, unable to understand what she should do.

“It can’t be… right?” a voice sighed behind her. “Let me help you,” she said and in matter of seconds, she took off Adelle’s maid clothes, leaving her in her underwear.

Adelle drove her hand to the little mounts covered by the fabric of her bra and squeezed them. She moaned afraid as the sensation let her clear who she had actually become.

But there was no time to get lost on her thoughts, since her new sister, promptly forced her out of her underwear and pulled her inside the bathroom.

Adelle’s mind remained blank, until hot water was poured over her head.


“Oh! You finally came back to earth,” Erica said as if nothing.

“Eh?” Adelle uttered, unsure about what to do as she kept touching her own breast.

“I know, I know, it is a real shock the first time you see yourself naked and touch yourself,” Erica said in an attempt to comfort her little sister. “But there’s no time for that right now. This place it’s almost always empty at this hour, but in little time, you will find yourself in heaven.”

“What does that…?” she began to said as she turned around, just to find the naked view of her older sister covered in soap, leaving her agape.

“Exactly that,” she sighed again. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but there’s no time for you to pass through the step by step process of overcoming the shock of the transformation, so I’ll just use the intensive approach to help you build some resistance before you have to face all those naked girls,” she sentenced.

“…” Adelle’s eyes where spinning around again while she moved her hands frantically, unable to say a thing.

“Well, here we go,” Erika said forcing her little sister to turn around just to hugged her tightly. Adelle’s came back to her senses by the sudden soft embracement; however, her face turned bright red one more time as she felt two soft warm sponges being pressed against her back.

“Wha-wha-what are you doing… sen… nee…?!”

“I’m forcing your mind to face reality,” she whispered at the ear framed by strands of blue sky color hair. “And since you managed to talk this time, seems like it’s time for the next step,” she said licking the edge of the girl’s ear.

Adelle shivered, before moaning. Though the reason behind her shriek was caused by the sudden attack to her breast.

Erica was not just rubbing her breast covered in soap over Adelle’s back, but also squeezing and soaping her sister’s breast. She kept going, passing her hands covered in soap around the body of her sister.

“I don’t want to accept this, but I feel I little pissed off because of your breasts,” Erica said after squeezing them for sometime, a feeling that drove her to pinch her sister’s nipples. “I can’t believe how pissing off is having a younger sister with bigger boobs than mine!” she stated as she kept folding them.

“Ne-nee-nee-san… tha-that’s… to much,” Adele gasped feeling her body burning out.

“Sorry, but this is the last step,” she sentenced coldly at her sister.

“Wha-what do… do you…? AAAAHH!!” she moaned out loud when her older sister pressed the last button of her new existence.

Her mind went blank between mixed feelings of pleasure, fear, confusion, and pain.

“How do you feel now?” Erica asked in an unconcerned way as she relaxed inside the hot water of the huge bathroom.

“You were mean, nee-san,” she cried. “That was my first…”

“What did I tell you about coming crying to me?” she cut her sister’s cry with a bothered glare.

“Man up! Didn’t you say that you would aim to become a butler? Then stop crying and tell me how you feel?”

“Eh?! I had just been assaulted by you! How can you be so… cold?!”

“Rage is fine, keep it going,” Erica sighed satisfied by the answer.

“How… how can you be… A-aren’t you supposed to be my older sister?! And even so, you,” Adelle hold her breast and dived in the water.  “You did that to my body,” she uttered at the level of the water.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“You did that to my body!”

“You’re what?”

“MY BODY!!” she shouted still holding her breasts as she stood up angrily. “You touched my body like that!” she almost started to cry with her head facing the water, but as the tears fell down and her sight cleared for a moment, she noticed it. She was holding her breast in her hand and there was no doubt on her mind, those were her very own breasts. “My body,” she mumbled softly, “You touched my body…”

“Seems like you do stand a chance, sis.”


“The first advice that they give to the students that can't come in terms with their new bodies fast enough, is to ‘explore’ their bodies, to ‘enjoy’ them. You get it?”

“…” Adelle couldn’t answer as her face turned bright red again.

Erica just snorted satisfied by her sister’s reaction.

The two sisters remained in silence for some minutes, trying to relax under the hot water, as they tried to let go the roughness of their first moment of intimacy.



“Are-are you going to tell me the trick behind this facilities, nee-san?”

“Eh? Ah! That… Maybe another day, I’m to exhausted for that now.”

“Eh?! But you said…”

“I said nothing!”

“But…” Adelle tried to complain, but at that moment some voices reached her ears from behind the changing room door. Though it weren’t just one or two, little by little the sound of a complete lively crowd filled the place.

“Seems, like it’s time to see if the shock therapy did its work.”


“We were truly lucky of having this place just for us today, since we could do that to the end. However, this is how this place actually is,” Erica stated as some naked girls began to come out of the changing room. “Let’s go, sis, I don’t want you to faint because of the heat of this place,” she snorted a laugh seeing the wide open mouth of her little sister facing the heaven that she will need to get use to for the first time.