Maids Gakuen - 02

“And this is your room, Adelle-chan,” Monrow-sensei opened the door without knocking first.

 Adam blushed instantly at the view of a cute girl with pink hair, wearing nothing, but her underwear, in front of him.

“Se-sensei…” the girl gulped as she slowly moved her hands as to cover her breast and crotch shyly, as if she wasn’t used to do so. “Wh-what’s going on?”

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“My, my, Erica-san. So you are already here,” the teacher giggled as if it was nothing. “But that’s good, that way you can introduce yourself to Adell-chan.”

“Eh? Th-that girl there?” she asked looking at Adam with a troubled face.

“Yes, she will be your roommate and sister from today on.”

Erica sighed.

“Sis-ter?” Adam asked confused.

“Sensei… I’ll get some clothes first, if you don’t mind,” she stated. “And… Adelle… you will understand if you look at yourself there,” she said pointing to a mirror inside the room. “Now, please excuse me.” She left the room, hiding herself inside the wardrobe. “Jiiiii!!” her frustrated cry sounded in the room after that.

“So,” Adam mumbled with a forced smile as he walked toward the mirror.

His eyes opened widely as he observed his new face for the first time. A cute girl with short blue hair and deep blue eyes wearing a maid outfit. He blushed as he observed the shy petit girl blushing at the same time in the mirror.

“So this is me? Am I really a girl now?” he swallowed his words nervously as he approached his fingers to the mirror surface, understanding the truth at the instant he felt the coldness of the glass in his new little fingers. However…

“Wait…!” he understood after the shock of his new appearance passed, “I look like her!”

“Seems like you noticed it,” the voice of Erica stated with a sigh as she finally appeared wearing a more casual attire.


“Sensei, can you explain her, please?”

“I thought you would like to do so, but I don’t mind,” the sexy teacher said, before clearing her throat. “Do you remember that I told a moment ago about how we can turn anyone into a cute girl, right?”

“Y-yes… but…”

“Well,” she thought for a second, “despite that it’s easy to modify someone, to ensure the cuteness of the new girl, there are some ready made templates for the physical reconstruction, which, mixed with your adapted data, result in what you saw in the mirror.”


“It means that you are not a girl version of yourself, but a mixture between your female version and an already prepared cute girl design,” Erica said with a loud sigh.


“As Erica-san said… Since it would be too expensive to create a unique body designs, we used some premade templates with a fast interpretation of how a student would look like if he has been born a girl,” the teacher kept explaining, “that’s why many students resemble each other; However, in the cases when two students resemble each other too much, they are requested to play the role of sister. You see?”


“Well, then, why don’t you introduce yourself to your new older sister? Ah! Before I forget it, despite that you are requested to play the sisters role, you won’t need to change your family name to that of your new “older sister”, okay?”

“O-okay, but… Older sister?”

“What did you expect? I’m your senpai after all.” She sighed.

“So you are older than me… sen-pai?”

“I’m also a first year, but I have been here since the beginning, five weeks ago, you know?”

“Eh?! Fi-five weeks, but… according to the calendar…”

“Oh, yeah, I didn’t tell you, Adelle-chan,” the teacher began,” all the students that are “accepted” into the school, passed through an examination and ranking before the actual start of classes. After what, those students that were turned into girls have time to adjust to their new bodies.”

“I… see…” Adam gulped. “Wait! So that means…?”

“Because of entering after the classes have started, you are currently at the lowest position of the ranking.” Erica stated. “That’s why I’m your senpai, so as the one with the role of the oldest sister in this… play.”

“My, my, Adelle-chan, you don’t need to take things so serious, remember?” Monrow-sensei tried to comfort Adam. “You will see that, if you put everything you have, you will rise your rank during the test season in few weeks.”

“You are right!” Adam recovered his hopes. “I’m aiming to the top, so even if I’m at the bottom now, I’ll work hard and do it!”
“That’s the spirit!” the teacher encouraged him.

Erica, just sighed one more time.

“Well, then, I’ll take my leave. Erica-san I leave her at your care,” the teacher left after saying that.

The room fell into a heavy silence, before Adam mustered the courage to brake the ice.

“My, my name is Ada… I mean Adeeeelllee Prince, please take care of me, senpai!”

“I’m Erica Hanashibara, a pleasure…” she said without energy sitting on her bed. The silence continued until she finally asked, “so you are aiming to become a butler, don’t you?”

“Eh?! Ah! YES!!” Adam stated with all his might.

“Okay, if you are that motivated, I won’t get in your way. However, when you fail, even if I have to play the older sister role, please don’t come crying to me, okay?”

“I-I don’t mind, but… Is it really that hard?”

“Even if I ended here for getting in many fights, I was between the best of my grade at middle school, you know? But here… Well, I lost all my hopes of becoming a man again,” she sighed again.

“So-so-so-so you are a yaaaaankee?” Adam shrieked remembering some bad memories from his own middle school life.

“I… Well, I called my self “an ally of justice” (Seigi no Mikata), since my male name was Seigi, but maybe I do was one…” Erica smiled bitterly. “I wonder why did they give a wester name…”

“I–I see…” this time Adam was the one that sighed. “So senpai…”

“Call me “Nee-san”, after all we should play the sister game, don’t we?”

“O-Okay, Nee-see-san.” Adam, gulped. “Would you mind if I ask for your current rank?”

“232… out of 237… Well, out of 238 now,” she stated still with a bitter smile on her face.

“By the way, you almost used your male name a moment ago, you did well remembering you shouldn’t.”


“You didn’t know?”

“N-no,” Adam gulped.

“If Monrow-sensei have been here, she might have left it pass, but from tomorrow on, you need to use your assigned female name at all times, understood?” Erica warned her new little sister. “Though now I’m curious. And since I already told you my male name, can you tell me yours too?”

“Adam, my name is… was Adam.”

“So Adam… Adelle… Yours makes more sense,” she laughed, though it has a little bitter sensation in it. “Well, Adelle-chan. Welcome to the room 76 of the first years’ dormitories second building.”