Black Potion 06

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The lights were off when I came out of bathroom.

“E–Elizabeth…?” I mumbled feeling a little nervous under the deep darkness of the apartment. It was not as if it was hard too see, after all, despite the curtains being run, enough light came trough them. However, coming out into such darkness, knowing what I knew so far was extremely disturbing.

“Elizabeth…?” I called the blondie again as I steped into the corridor leaving the light of the bathroom on. “Did, did you went to sleep already?” I gulped nervously.

I walked till the end of the corridor until reaching the living room.

“E-lizabeth…?” I asked again.

“She called me Eli-chan,” she stated at my ear holding me from behind.

“W-what?” I mumbled a little scared. I tried to face the blondie, but she kept holding me firmly.

I gulped, thinking for myself “How could it be?”

My thoughts started to run faster and faster. I was scared of having been exposed. I was scared of what would it mean to have a witness. Thousands of crazy ideas popped in my head in the mist of desperation as I felt her breath on my new neck as she kept me on her arms.
I tried to fight. I tried to scape, but she didn’t let go of me. And in that instant, a chill ran through my spine. It was intense. It was extremely intense. After all, in the instant a felt that cold sensation on the back of my neck, as my blood started boiling in fear, it triggered a hard contraction of my new muscles.

“You liked it?” She giggled softly and seductively at my ear before licking my neck again.

“Eliza…!” I moaned when she finally moved her hand from my belly to my breast and began to squeeze it.

“Eli-chan,” she corrected me as she began to play with my nipple over the blouse she handed me, just before biting my ear.

What was going on?

This is what I wanted, having luck with this girl, but why was I being the one assaulted? Why was I the one cornered? Why was I unable to resist?

She kept playing with my boob. She kept licking my neck and ear. And before I could say anything, she moved her other hand from my belly to my crotch.

“Kya!” I moaned out loud when she didn’t hesitate to squeeze the door to my new inside.

The sudden jolt of pleasure came along with a sudden lost of strength. I felt so weak. I was at her totals mercy.

I tried to fight, but this woman was playing me in ways I just couldn’t resist.

“E–Eli-chan…” I moaned.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” she stated driving me to the floor as she got over me.

“Eli-chan…” I cried again as she opened the blouse, exposing my new breast.

She didn’t answer, but instead approached her face to one and began to lick my nipple as she squeezed the other with her hand.

I moaned again as she began to move through my skin until her lips finally reached mine.

She kissed me. She kissed me licking my lips. She kissed me until I let her play with my tongue. We stood like that, kissing each other while our mutual boobs caressed each other.

I felt so weak, but also cared. She was doing me what she wanted, but she was also taking the time to let me enjoy her play.

Is this what it means to be a woman? Is this what it means to be the passive one? I wanted to do something, but the more she played with me, the less courage I have to do anything. It felt so good to let the other party give me the pleasure for free.

I wanted to make her mine when I first awoke as Sayaka, but contrary to my thoughts and expectations, I became hers.

There were no recollections of memories on Sayaka’s mind that could let me anticipate such development, but as I kept enjoying the submission the less I care about such a thing. I just wanted to be played by this woman that for some reason was able to make me fall in ecstasies without my help.

“You are such a cute girl,” she mumbled. “You can’t imagine how hard was to hold myself,” she stated.

Was this girl always like this? Sayaka didn’t know. However, why now? Why today?

“I want you to be mine,” she said as she looked into my eyes. I noticed that she took out something from her pocket, but at the end I was lost on her clear blue eyes.

“Hy,” I replied unable to fight back, with no desire to fight back. “I’m yours, Eli-chan.”

“You are such a good girl,” she said getting her hand inside the undies she borrowed me.

“Kya!” I moaned unable to control myself as the jolting pleasure of something cold getting inside me hit my head.

“You like it?” She smiled ferociously as she began to rub the soft skin that leads to my new insides.

“H…hy… Kya!”

“You know?” she mumbled at my ear as she kept playing with my pussy. “I know you are not Sayaka. I know you used the Black Potion to became her.”

I froze on the cold floor after listening her words.

How could she know all that?!

I was dead scared, gasping, trying to calm my heart that was running fast out of fear and pleasure. I needed to think, but it was impossible.

“You are a good girl, but you are a terrible guy,” she stated as a cold sweat kept coming out of me. “This won’t be a punishment exactly, but I won’t let you think for a while. So you better enjoy it, okay?” she said before pressing a button in a pink devise.

The sudden shock of pleasure bent my body. I moaned and gasped when it was over. My mind went blank each time the stimuli inside me drove my mind to heave, as she kept kissing me and squeezing my boobs.

I couldn’t think of anything outside the fact that I was at her total mercy in each and everyway. And the worst part was that I was enjoying it.

When did I lost consciousness, I don’t know; however, finding myself naked in a bed embraced by a cute blond girl was astonishing.

I tried to move and when the little morning light that managed to come through the curtains hit my face, I avert my eyes and face again my new body and remembered everything.

I was a girl now.

“What time is it?” mumbled Elizabeth standing on the bed half sleep, stretching herself.



I gulped, a little nervous about what was going on.

“Etto… Eli-chan, why are we…?”

“Ahhh!” She hit the palm of her hand releasing something. “Jeje…” She smiled and jumped over me again.

My heart started to beat faster again.


“Eli-senpai, to you, fake Sayaka.”


“Yeah, I didn’t tell you, right?”


“You see, the reason why I know that you used a Black Potion to became Sayaka is because I used the same on Elizabeth. Teehee.”



“EHHH?!!” I was astonished. “You, you, you, you… EHHH?!”

“Please, low your voice, it’s still too early,” she complained.


“Shut up!” she ordered and pushed me on the bed, closing my lips with a kiss just before she started to play with my crotch.

I gasped before moaning at the sensation of her delicate fingers going inside me…

“So what do you think, Saya-chan?” she asked me while serving me a cup of coffee after our morning encounter.

“I’ll be at your care, Eli-senpai,” I downed my head to the blond woman that completely dominated me in one night. And I couldn’t believe I was actually looking forward to be at her mercy again.


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