TG Rain 02

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“Seems like it was not a TG Rain,” the beauty stated shining under the sunset light after the rain faded over the ocean.

“Hy, hy,” Kyle sighted, “Let’s get you dry before you get a cold.”

“Really?” Lucy sighed. “That’s all you are going to say?”

“Well, it’s not that I can’t understand why you want to go back after knowing the truth, but considering that it has been already eight months and all the bragging you did about your new popularity… Never mind, let’s get you dry already.”

“Do you really think that what I’m doing is not a waste?”

“I can’t even imagine how you feel about all this. Specially since you yourself said that all your memories had been modified to match your current self, so…”

“You are as dense as those characters from your novels, don’t you?!” she asked exasperated. “Can’t you just say what you think from your perspective?!”

“Fine, if you want to listen it, yes, I think is a waste that you are trying to go back your male self; however, as your friend I’ll just keep helping you if that’s what you want. Okay?”

“Are you gay?”

“Once you become a guy a gain, I’ll kick your ass so hard that you will regret wanting to go back!” He clenched his fist containing his wrath.

“Sorry,” she giggled, “It’s just that… Why haven’t you made any move on me?”

“Because we are friends, why else?”

“So if we weren’t friends, would you have made a move on me?”

“Over such a cutie? Yes, though I would have been prepared for an instant rejection.” He sighed feeling hopeless.

“Then, you think I’m cute?” She approached him.

“Yes… Why?” He averted his eyes.

“One last question: Why have you been treating me as if nothing had changed?”


“You see, even if my personality barely changed, everyone acts in response to the change. Everyone treats me as the girl I am now, but you don’t. Well, you might, but not like everyone else, you are just like in my memories… It feels good to be by your side.”

“I-I see… Well, I’m glad that you feel like that, but… We need to get you dry before you catch a cold, right?” He laughed wryly.

“I like you.”


“I like you!” she smiled blushing.

“Bu-bu-bu-bu-buutttt… Aren’t you trying to go back…?”

“The truth is that as I felt for you I also began to feel anxious. Since you did nothing… I thought I might not be ‘girly’ enough and came to think that maybe the TG Rain didn’t work completely and that I might still have space for improving, and…”

“And you risk everything on such a bet?!” he exclaimed before sighing. “That’s just like you.” He approached her and hit her forehead with his finger. “Idiot.”

“Hey, that hurt!”

“That’s the point, idiot girl. And, well,” he hesitated. “I like you too.”

“Eh?” Her eyes opened in expectation.

“I like you, but I won’t pamper you just for being cute, okay?” he stated. “So let’s go back to the hotel and get you dry already, stupid girl.”

“Hy!” She exclaimed clinging to his arm with a bright smile on her face.