Creepy TG Pasta: Día de Muertos

The following story is based on unconfirmed events.

It’s that time of the year once again. The time for those that were once with us come back to us.

But I’m not talking about Halloween at all. Truth be told, I always forget what it is about, out of the costumes, candies, tricks and spooky movies that usually come in marathons.

I’m talking about “El Día de Muertos” (Day of the Dead). Those two days that comes after Halloween, and yes is “day” for “two” and I don’t want to go into details, since I’m not an expert nor anything alike. I just know the minimum as someone that just use it as an excuse to “take a break”… Just like many others with Halloween.

Well, whatever, at this point you might have already give up on my low level of investigation so as getting exhausted by my lack of compromise. But at the end, you are not reading my work to learn anything, but to enjoy a little spooky story on these days when the shadows seem darker than the rest of the year, don’t you?

Then, lets start with something my grandmother told me thanks to that attitude I just showed you on the previous paragraphs.

“You must always be respectful toward those that had crossed to the other side when they came to visit us. The wrath of the dead is not a joke.”

Those wise words are part of the reason I usually stay away of the subjects related to the unknown, so as from the spooky themes. But as a curious (and scary) cat, I can’t always stop myself from looking around for one or two scary stories. And this time I found a perfect one for this space of mine.

Everything took place time ago on a little town famous for its enthusiasm around this celebration. This place is not that far from the city I live and it’s quite a cute spectacle. Well, just some of the events though, after all, as one of the guides of one of the tours explained us, half of the traditions have already started to fade around the influence of the more party ideas from our neighbors in the north.

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Quite a shame, don’t you think?

But just as you might have heard, this party is not to feel sad, but to be happy while remembering those that have already gone as if they have come to visit us. And with that spirit on mind, lets jump right into the story I found.

As I said, this little story took place in that little town.

It began with the preparation of the “ofrenda” and with a guy that couldn’t careless about his family traditions thanks to his life in the city.

Not that I can’t sympathize, considering that I’m not exactly fond of such things myself; however, I still have respect for those that take this seriously. But exactly that, the absence of respect, was what got this guy into a path from which he couldn’t come back.

“Be ware of the wrath of dead.” Such words might have never reached that guy and that’s why he usually sneaked the gifts, not just from his family’s altar, but also from some others around the town. One fruit here, one bread there, and some candies that people might have never notice at all.

But it was exactly at the start of the second night that his carelessness drove him to ruin his family’s ofrenda.

He slipped with the cempasúchil petals when he tried to sneak a chocolate skull, and not any chocolate skull, but the one offered to his great-grandmother, a woman that had been well known around the town for her strictness as a teacher that educated many girls as “good ladies”.

At this moment, you might be wondering why is it important to know that it was during the second night. Well, because the first night is when the souls of the children come back to play to this world, while it is in the second night that the grown ups finally come to visit us. And…

Can you imagine what such a woman felt when seeing what her great-grandchild was doing?

Well, here is where the story enters into the XXI century so as into the realm of the unknown.

The official story just says that this guy went through a transition and became quite an active woman working hard for the preservations of our traditions. Though it is kind of ironic that she wasn’t there… After all she was helping with the national university yearly event. Another great show, at least when I went.

But let me tell you about the unofficial details that I had the opportunity to listen from our guide when I went to that town, once the tour was over and just the must curious people stayed to ask for more details around that change of heart.

According to our guide, who finally revealed himself as a close friend of the late mother of this great protector of traditions. Everything began little after the incident around the accident around the ofrenda.

As it was told to him, each night since that night the strict ancestor of this family kept appearing on the dreams of the whole family. At first it was just a mere presence, but little by little these dreams became nightmares.

This late strict woman was offended not just by the disrespect of the guy, but also by those that should have educated him better. So each night she would appeared in their dreams to lecture them. However, it was not enough just to give them a simple lecture, and probably because of the times when she was alive, she stayed in this realm until her impolite descendant had become a perfect lady.

According to the testimony passed to the guide, the family tried to resist, but as the stress of those horrible nights, under the presence of that woman, build up, they finally gave up.

The demands of the spirit start little, something like wearing a dress in home or learning how to walk in high heels, but as time passed, the training to become a lady force this poor guy to “come out of the closet” to those around him, “with the total support of his family”.

It was said that around those days, the whole family look exhausted as if they were sick, but I bet it couldn’t be help in many ways.

And the man also told us that at some point the ghost also asked the parents to do their best to help “their girl” to develop as a girl, since it wouldn’t be good for a lady to have to shave a beard and the like.

And as you see the rest is story.

But as I give a close to this little report of mine, please let me said it again: “Be ware of the wrath of dead, since it is not a joke.”

After all, I don’t think you would want to take the risk when there is no guarantee that you would just be lectured to become a fine “Catrina” by those that already left, right?

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Good night, and Happy Halloween and Día de Muertos.