Saturday, July 8, 2017

Purfect Date Kitty's First Dance?!

“Wha-what is this?!” exclaimed Zed opening the curtain of the dresser.”

“You look incredible!” stated Aaron excited with his face completely red. “You are truly cute!!”

“Cu-cute?! N-no, that’s…” A shy Zed blushed. “Wait! That’s not what I want to hear. So-so stop saying nonsenses and explain yourself already!”

“Well, you see,” started Aaron fidgeting, “the truth is that since none of us managed to get a date for our first dance at the magic academy, well, I thought maybe we could go together,” he stated with a nervous smile.

“B-but why me? I-if you wanted to go… Why didn’t you transform yourself?”

“Oh! I have three reasons for that question!” Aaron said finally getting some courage. “First, because you still owned me the help to past the entrance exam. Second, you are and idiot that can’t use transformation spells yet.”

“Ahhh! How dare you…” Zeb puffed his cheek angrily knowing that was truth. “And the last reason?”

“Even as a guy, you were cuter than many girls, so I was sure you would be the cutest girl in the dance with some little help.”

“Cu-cu-cute! Y-yo-you… Idiot!” he stated with his face completely red. “A-and why a beastkin transformation at that?”

“Because I know you have something for cat girls. I thought that you might like to be one since you are too shy to ask one out.”

“A-and this dress…? It’s also magic?”

“If I could do that with magic I wouldn’t have brought you hear in first place. I just choose one that I thought would make you look super cute and used a replacing spell, see? I have your uniform here.”
“O-okay… But you will turn me back after the dance right?” he asked nervously.

“You make such a cute girl… But I won’t force you to stay like that. You are my best friend after all. However, since there are still six days before…”

“I can see what you are thinking,” he interrupted, “but if you are going to keep me as a girl for a whole week, you will have to treat me as a princess or I’ll tell the teachers what you are using magic for.”

“Ohime-sama, I’ll be your knight till the end.”

“Knight? You are my slave!” Zed smiled deviously. “And a-as your mi-mistress, I’ll order you to bring me more clothes to try and pay for them all… A-after all… I can’t wear the dress for… our first dance the whole weak.”

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