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Black Potion 05

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Before I noticed it, I was already a total shut in NEET living of the little my late parents had left me. I passed my days surfing the web looking for something that might give me the strength to get out of this myself.

Miraculous solutions do not exist, just frauds. That’s what I thought until I ended entering a weird black magic page.

“BlackWishes.Witchcraft, what a stupid name,” I mumbled at the view of the window that opened before my eyes.

I immediately tried to close it, but in my hesitation I clicked over one of the advertisements and found myself with this product: “Black Potion” was called… It sounded as something that just a stupid person would buy and I was that stupid person.

Why did I do it? It was fate, after all, who could have thought that it would be truth?

When I received the bottle I felt a chill running down my back completely sure that I never gave the address for the delivery.

Some days passed before I muster the courage to get out of my enclosure and explored the city with the bottle on my pocket.

First I tried to look through places with people I usually look envious from afar. Malls, commercial districts, business districts, red zones, and who knows how many places that I found annoying I visited without finding anyone that made me feel that’s the life I wish for me.

I kept going out, mostly at night, looking for that person. That’s when I saw them, while a was passing by an alley to reach a little area with little restaurants usually visited by office workers, I saw two sexy women walking and chatting happily. They seemed a little drunk, but not near to losing their consciousness. I guessed they were using the alley to reach the train station not that far. I hided myself at a shadow to avoid the annoyance of scaring them. However, when they passed by my side without noticing me, my eyes got completely stolen by their looks: a gorgeous blond woman with massive breast and an Asian girl with long black hair.

Both were beautiful and for the first time I thought that’s what I was looking for.

I stepped out of the dark trying to not laugh out of excitement, but they still noticed me. They stood still in fear for a second, but when they started to step back, I made my choice. I drank the so called Black Potion and approached the girls.

They ran, but it didn’t take me much effort to reach one. At first, when I saw them I thought that the blondie would be the best option, but since I drunk the mysterious liquid before I moved, the time ran out. The one I caught was the Asian girl. I took her by the arm and pulled her with force. I started to fill weird and then force myself on her lips. One instant later I lost my conscious.

I don’t know how long it took, but when I recovered my conscious, I was puking at some toilet.
I felt dizzy, but I still noticed that I had breast now. I was astonished, but in that state, when I was about to touch myself a voice called out to me.

“Sayaka I brought you some stomach medicine,” she said handing me the medicine and some water.
From that perspective the blondie looked like an angel and I couldn’t stop myself from blushing at her sight. I averted my eyes from her and breathed deeply.

Everything was going to fast for me, so in an attempt to get some space to think I asked her to let me take a bath.

She was so beautiful and so nice concerned by her friend. She even asked me if it wouldn’t be better if we bath together.

Ah! Just thinking about that got me all horny. However, I tried to control myself, but I still blushed filling her concerned gaze on me. I needed time to adjust myself so at the end I refused the offer.

After that she lend me a blouse and some panties, and also a towel, before leaving me by myself.
I sighed regretting my refusal to bath with such a gorgeous girl, but it couldn’t be help. I might be her friend now, but I knew nothing about her.

So I stood there, in the middle of the bathroom alone, and after breathing deeply a few more times, I started to fill the tub before I started to undress.

I faced my new self on the mirror for the first time and felt overwhelmed.

“Look at this face, I’m now such a cutie!” I exclaimed before the mirror, before noticing in the reflection the boobs attached to my chest. “Just look at this boobs, I thought they were little, but they are bigger than expected. My hands can’t even hold them at all!”

I started to feel myself when I listened something outside and decided to low my voice nervous.

I didn’t know what would I do if the girl outside started to think of the new me as a pervert aroused by a man attacking me. I might be a pervert, but I am not into those kind of games.

I kept observing myself. Long black hair, creamy soft skin, nice demure curves that just reveal its charm after the clothes has been removed and a cute childish face that makes you think she is younger that what she really is.

Ah! It feels so good to have such a body.

“That blondie was gorgeous, but this girl is also good!” I muttered trying to avoid moaning out loud as I started to pinch my new nipples.

I gasped, but another soft sound at the other side of the door brought me back to where I was.

I sighed and observed the tub, it was ready.

The warmness of the water brought me to a new different world. I had never actually been at one, so didn’t knew what to expect, but the little chills of pleasure running through my new body almost made me moan.

I started to explore my new skin under the water. It was so different from my previous self, so soft, so delicate, so cute, and before I noticed it, I was again trying to control my moaning to not attract the attention of the girl outside.

Then I released that I didn’t know what would I do once I left the bathroom. After all I didn’t know a thing about the girl that brought me to her apartment.

It was then that a sudden thought crossed my mind.

“Elizabeth, her name is Elizabeth,” I mumbled and instantly I covered my mouth.

Why did I know that?

“I’m Sayaka Kitamori. I met Elizabeth at college and since then we have been friends.”

The memories of the original Sayaka started to pop up in my head and before I knew it I have everything that made this cute girl her.

I knew about her job. I knew about her family and friends, even her secrets were mine now. I have everything I needed to become her.

I grinned and muted a little moan as I thought: “I might get luck with that Elizabeth girl if I keep the scared friend role tonight!”

I bet she wouldn’t oppose me if I embrace her under the sheets as I satisfy myself with her curves if I say “I’m scared and want to be close to you. We are friends, aren’t we?”

Ah! That would be so good! If this girl’s memories are right, I was really lucky to end in her body. Since if I had stolen the blondie’s body, this girl would have rejected my advances even in her friend’s body out of shyness, but that girl, might actually let me please myself.

I am really lucky!

Thinking like that in an awesome mood, I left the tub and dried myself. The towel had such a sweet smell, as expected of a girl’s towel.

Curious about that, I smell the blouse, which also had a nice fragrance at it. Then I took the undies and buried my face in them. Everything was clean, obviously, but still the sweet perfume of the cloth softener and the idea of the blondie wearing the panties almost made me drool.

I was so excited that, scared of wetting the panties and getting exposed, I took the towel to dry my crotch until all the stickiness was at the towel and out of my soft new skin.

I sniffed the undies again before putting them on.

I was really looking forward to that night. So after calming myself, and somehow entering into character, I step out of the bathroom.

However, what awaited me outside was too far from what I expected, and before I knew it, I was sweating in fear at her mercy.

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