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Black Potion 04

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I have finally completely settled up as Elizabeth. Just six months was enough for me to get so use to my new life that I have started to take things easy.

I still go out hunting guys every now and then. I still make my moves over the guys at the office. But lately I’m just going easy one them, some teasing here and there, and little casual sex here and there. Truth be told I did think it would come to this after a few weeks as Elizabeth. To start with, the original Elizabeth was not a nympho neither I was not a sex addict. So basically, now that the momentum is over, I have finally become a normal woman in a woman’s body. I am the real Elizabeth now.

It was weird to me to find the need to pass time with the original Elizabeth’s friends just as friends when at the beginning all I thought was about doing them. It is say “birds of a feather flock together”, so you can imagine how cute all her friends are and how horny they got me.

It is a shame that I couldn’t move not willing to risk my sweet new life.

But God works on mysterious ways and so seems Erogami.

It was Friday night and instead of going out to hunt guys as in the beginning, I went to drink with one of my new friends.

Sayaka Kitamori, she is one of the friends I was talking about, a cute Japanese girl with pale creamy skin and deep black silky long hair. She met the original Elizabeth in college and now she works as a manager of a little restaurant not far from where I work now.

 She is so cute that I had to run to release the fire inside me, by myself, after our first meetings. Even now that I had grown some resistance I toward her appeal, I still found myself losing my thoughts at the essence of her perfume.

But all that changed on that fateful night.

After enjoying some beers and a light dinner on a nice little establishment, we walked to the train station through an alley as a short cut. It was not that dark neither it was that far from the avenue, but it was lonely at that moment. And I felt a chill running through my back just after we step in.

We walked through it as we have done at some other times; however, because of our drunkenness we, had to move slowly and stopped a few times. And that’s when he appeared.

From within the shadows in the alley a man appeared behind us with a creepy laugh. Instinctively we started to step away a little stiffed by the fear.

I saw him drinking from a little bottle before he approached us. We tried to run, but he got Sayaka’s arm and pulled her. He embraced her and forced a kiss on such a cute girl before letting his weigh fell over her.

I took the first thing I could found and hit the guy on the head and after seeing him unconscious I took my friend and ran out of there as fast as possible.

Once at the station entrance I asked her if she was not injured or need to go to the hospital, but she just said it was fine. I also told her that we must report the incident to the police, but she refused. And she was in such a state that I agreed to postpone the report until the next day. After all the kiss of a stupid drunk pervert didn’t sound that much in that instant.

Obviously, after such incident, I took her to my apartment. She was trembling and once after I closed the door inside, she felt on her knees crying and confessed me that the disgusting man pucked on her mouth and that she ended swallowing it. I tried to comfort her, but with out signs of such throw up, I got an ominous feeling.

I took her to the bathroom and after helping her to vomit a little I brought her some stomach medicine.

She calmed down and out of nowhere she blushed at me and asked me to let her take a bath by herself with a forced smile. I still asked if she didn’t want me to enter with her, since even if a little tight, we would be able to go into the tub together. She blushed and refused; and I’m sure that for an instant she had a creepy disgusting and lustful grin of his beautiful face.

I lend her a blouse, some underwear, and a towel, and I left her by herself.

I needed someone water so I went to the kitchen and I stood there until I listened the tub being filled.
I should have offered her to fill it for her, but I was almost sure why she wanted to be by herself in such a state, I just could sigh.

I went back to the bathroom’s door and started listening. I was more like a squirrel shriek, but I still noticed the excitement on her voice over the sound of the water flowing.

I listened some phrases here and there: “I did it good! Look at this face! Look at this boobs! That blondie was gorgeous, but this girl is also good! I might get luck with that Elizabeth girl if I keep the scared friend role tonight!”

And sure about my suspicions, I stood sat against the door sipping my water.

I was confused about what I would do after that, after all, I was not one to talk. In a sense we were comrades of the same sin now. I sighed with a bitter smile as I noticed the water stopped flowing.

The silence kept me in suspense, but not long after I started listening some subtle sounds. Whoever was inside was now moaning with Sayaka’s voice.

I could see nothing, but as I kept my attention on those cute little moans inside a long with the fast breathing that could reach my ears so as the water falling from the tub sound, my instincts got the best of me as I started to touch myself.

My body felt hot for the first time in a while. My heart was beating fast and my breath was difficult. I opened my blouse and started to play with my boobs. I raised my skirt and began to rub my self as I imagined a stranger touching Sayaka’s body, as I imagined my friend touching herself with a disgusting and creepy smile on her face, as I imagined that alluring body reaching the climax of its sexual desires.

 I remembered how good it felt to take over Elizabeth’s body as I kept touching myself. Then I imagined me doing it with the girl that was at my tub behind the door. I got all fired up as I felt my wet pussy, my trembling muscles and the saliva coming out of my mouth.

I gulped and made my resolution to use this chance to get my way with the cute girl that was now at my apartment.

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