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Feminization Crisis: Rivalry Explosion

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As the plan to transform the heroes over world began to reap fruits, the only figure that remained silent during the villains meeting decided to make his move.

“What the hell are you doing here!” Yellow complained when he spotted Red. “This is our jurisdiction!”

“What did you say?! This is ours!”

The leaders of both teams kept arguing until the massive shadow was before them.

“Damn it!” both teams dodged the attack of the giant monster.

“Let’s forget about jurisdictions and just do this together, Yellow!” said Cyan.

“Red, we can do this faster together,” stated Blue.

“Fine!” both leaders agreed and by joining forces defeated the huge monster.

“As expected of the heroes, casting aside your rivalry to solve this casual giant monsters’ attacks as if nothing,” and amused voice stated from the shadows.
“Who’s there?!” The heroes got in guard.

“I’m someone that doesn’t have name, after all, the scariest villain is the one that you don’t know about it’s existence,” sarcastically the voice stated amused.


“Exactly, I’m the villain in this is tale. But since I can’t careless about this world. I’m more motivated about satisfying my own curiosity, to the point I don’t mind disposing of my own powers for that, and that’s why I’m going to hold the power that heroes brag so much about for me…! See you later, ‘heroes’.”

“WHAT?!” the members of both teams exclaimed when they found themselves inside a weird circle of light.

“Oh, and if you want a name to remember, try with this: Light Shinkage,” the dark figure stated before disappearing.

* * *

Just two weeks later, in a little building at the very boundary between two prefectures…

“What did you say?!”

“Just what you heard! Light-san is our beloved idol!”

“How dare you refer so casually to our master, Shinkage-sama?!”

The sparkles flew between the two teams of girls.

“My, my, girls. You don’t need fight for me. I like you all the same.”

“You see! Light-san said he love us!” Red stated.

“How dare you try to twist his magnanimous words that way. It is obvious that Shinkage-sama, is talking about us!” Yellow complained.

“I have an idea girl,” Light began, “If you want to know who is the best team, why don’t we see who can defeat those annoying troupes of the defense army on their respective prefectures first?”

The girls face the speaking guy as expecting something else.

“Fine, I’ll go in a date with the winning team.”



“You will see Farbstoff-bakas, the Licht Rangers will claim this prize!!”

“As if such a penniless group could defeat us! You will see, the honor of having a date with Shinkage-sama will be ours!!”

The girls stopped fighting, transformed and departed to fulfill the request of their beloved.

“So this is the so called ‘love’ heroes brag so much about, eh?” The guy sighed. “It is a little complicate to handle it, but having two different teams willing to do whatever I say seems to be pretty interesting indeed.”

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