Friday, March 17, 2017

Black Potion 03

It’s been three months since I became Elizabeth and I should say that it hasn’t been the dream I thought it would be.

It has been a complete improvement over my previous life indeed. However, since that fateful night when I managed to steal this sweet life, I had to get used to be her.

Well, in many cases, it wasn’t actually rough. Just taking care of this and that. But my real problem came from Elizabeth’s job, my new job.

Truth be told, I thought I would be able to perform it without any troubles, since I had the original Elizabeth’s memories and skills. But it wasn’t that easy. Working at a bank as some executive’s secretary ended being bored and stressful, and basically a total pain in the as, mostly because I don’t like that kind of environment as the previous owner of this gorgeous body.

I won’t deny that I had had some opportunities to make some advances over one or two of the young males at the office, but in my current position, I haven’t been able to get the prize yet. And exactly that is one of the most stressful parts for my current self. I’m so, so horny at this moment.

I also won’t deny that I had released myself with my cute neighbor and some strangers I had caught at some bars, but as a predator, not getting the best prey is kind of annoying.

And that’s what brought me here today.

If I should say so myself, the warmness I’m feeling all over my body is actually relaxing. I can feel the stress built inside me melting and coming out through each pore of my soft skin.

Yes, this feels good.

I can feel my body being purified, as if I could melt inside this embrace of this fluid happiness.

I love hot springs!

Just as you thought… I have taken a weekend trip toward the nearest hot springs just to relax myself.

What to say? There’s nothing better than this to release all the stress I have built up
But “why?” you ask?

Well, if you have ever been at some, you can easily imagine it. But there’s one plus for me. Since I’m a girl now, I have access to the forbidden side of this paradise.

Yes, I’m currently in the middle of this warm heaven, relaxing myself with the view of many cute girls in their birthday suits bathing and relaxing in the hot water of this place.

You might think that there are some mixed baths, that heaven is not completely forbidden, but the truth is that it is almost impossible to find one where nude bodies could be enjoyed this way. Exactly, unless you have the money and time to go to some far place, heaven would remain a dream till the very end.

But not to me, not any more.

Are you jealous?

Well, let me help you a little. Heaven is not selective, so there’re many bodies here that you might not be interested on observe, but still, there’re some that would let you drooling with a single glance.
That’s how heaven is.

Just with this view I can easily relax myself, but would you be satisfied with just the view? Probably at the beginning, but I’m sure you would little by little get aroused and started to feel yourself in the slyest manner.

Well, let me tell you how I did so. First I massaged my neck and then descended little by little through my shoulders and finally I massaged my breast.

You might think that that would be to obvious, but you just need to act as if you are just trying to dispose the stress in that area, and having a huge and sensitive breast is quite helping on that part. After all, their weight is quite stressful for back and shoulders.

The next move was to follow my soft curves, which were getting smoother and smoother thanks to the warm water and the steam.

You can’t move to much, it’s not as if you were at your own tub. You need to control your movement’s to avoid attract unwanted attention. You also need to control your face so you can hide the fact that you are doing anything more that relaxing yourself.

I would say, here that you can’t go all the way to the end if there are too many people in the water, and that’s why I love to come inside at night. There are few people here and just by keeping my distance I could go all the way to the end without attacking to much attention.

Yes, this is heaven.

But even if heaven looks like this, I still want more, and it would be a shame not trying the local cuisine. Don’t you think?

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