Please notice me Senpai (Part 02)

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“You are late,” an annoyed Diane complained at the very instant Andrea stepped in front of the train station entrance.

“Dia…ne?” she asked leaving her mouth slightly open.

“Astonishing, isn’t it?” she said with a presumptuous smile fixing a strand of her long dark copper hair behind her ear as she approached.

“A… a…” Andrea couldn’t reply. Then she just gulped and nodded vigorously making Daine laugh.

“Come one,” she fixed her glasses, “You aren’t that bad too, though I did expect that shyly commonness aura all around you.”

“Hey!” Andrea frowned finally reacting, “What did you…?!”

“Shss.” Diane put a finger over her friend’s lips to quiet her, making Andrea blush like a tomato. “Now close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax.”

Andrea was annoyed, but did as her friend told her. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply and calmed herself.


“So-so…” Andrea averted her eyes from her friend, who giggled amused. “Seems like you are still the same annoying guy despite your new appearance.”

“And you are still a fool, my friend,” Diane giggled a little bit more.

Andrea sighed and observed her friend again. She was a glasses beauty with long dark copper hair and white skin. She was still taller than her, and even with the uniform it was easy to see that she had a more developed figure than hers. Though she exhaled more relaxed by finding out that she didn’t turned to be one of those extremely developed girls. After all, she was also more attractive than she when they both were boys.

“Well, now that we are here,” Andrea started. “What do we do?”

Diane didn’t answer instantly as always, but instead she closed her eyes, hummed, with her hand on her chin, and thought. The suspense thrilled Andrea, who started to lean over her friend curious. And when she was almost over Diane’s face, her friend opened her eyes and clapped her fist against her other hand’s palm, surprising her and making her step back.

“What were you trying to do?” Diane asked with cold eyes.

“You were taking too long…”

“And how does that explain what you were trying to do?” Diane mused raising an eyebrow.

Andrea averted her eyes fidgeting.

Diane sighed loudly.

“Whatever,” she stated sighing again. “Here’s my idea.”

“Okay!” Andrea reacted instantly and faced her friend again.

Diane cleared her throat and said: “Let’s go to a love hotel and do a deep exploration of the feminine side of life!”

“Eh?” Andrea uttered processing the statement. “EH?! Lo-lo, LOVE HO…?!” Andrea exclaimed.

“Hey!” Diane covered her friend’s mouth. “What the hell are you doing attracting attention toward us!” she scolded her friend in a whisper desperate, noticing the eyes of few passers around, to which she smiled nervously.

“B-but you…” Andrea tried to complain as she tried to remove her friend’s hand from her mouth.

“I know, I know, I was just kidding, but…” she said as she looked around. “Just follow me. It won’t be good if we end caught skipping classes!” She hurried her friend when she spotted a police officer at the distance.

Andrea nodded and followed her into the nervy park when she noticed the officer too.

“That was close,” said Diane finally taking a seat beneath a tree, after she made sure that no one followed them.

“I never though that skipping classes would be this troublesome.” Andrea sighed.

“Don’t exaggerate, skipping classes is easy as long as you don’t stand that much,” Diane scolded her friend. “If we were almost caught was because of you getting all noisy.”

“But that was just because you stated something weird.”

“Weird?” Diane replied raising one eyebrow again. “You are the weirdo for not being curious. Or could it be that you were late because you were exploring yourself…”

“Hey! I’m not that kind of guy,” Andrea complained puffing one cheek.

“But maybe you are that kind of girl.” Diane averted her eyes and shrugged.


“I know, I know, my bad. I’m just messing with you for trying to steal a kiss from me, you ecchi girl.” Diane pointed her finger toward her friend.
“Ki-Kiss…!” Andrea blushed till some steam came out of her head.

“As expected from a virgin.”

“What did you say?” Andrea intense sight made Diane turn to her side and avert her eyes again as much as possible to avoid the sharp blades that her friend had instead of eyes.

“My bad, I’m sorry,” Diane laughed nervously.

“Okay,” Andrea nodded. “But what do we do now?”

“I don’t really know, but I’m still curious about exploring my new body.”

“And I’m the ecchi girl?”

“Were you even a guy to start with?”

“What do you mean?” Andrea frowned.

“Come on, as a guy turned into a girl, you should be more curious about your new body!”

“I’m curious,” she said, “but,” she hesitated and placed her hands over her little breast covered by the uniform, “it feels so ‘mine’…”

“Well,” Diane did de same and sighed, “you are right at that. It is not one of those mangas or light novels,” she kept fondling herself over the clothes, “where you can just jump into action.” She sighed again taking her hands off of her chest.

“Exactly,” Andrea agreed with a sigh.

A long silence felt over the two friends as they kept thinking, until Diane remembered her original idea.

“Why don’t just we kill time at the mall?”

“The mall?” Andrea repeated confused. “Wouldn’t we get in troubles if we are spotted…?”

“You have never skip classes, right?” Diane interrupted her friend. “As long as we don’t get into troubles and we avoid passing too close to any officer before midday, we will be fine. And before you say it: No, the private guards of the mall don’t count under this context. So, what do you say?”

“Well, it’s not as if I have a better idea,” Andrea shrugged. “Let’s do that.”

· · ·

“Why did you choose this store as the first one?” Andrea asked annoyed when her friend stopped in front of the lingerie store.

“We need to start from the core of things!” Diane stated with an overconfident expression on her face. “And there’s nothing closer to the core than the underwear.”

“B-bu… But we ca-can’t just…” Andrea started to complain and stepping back.

“Why not?” Her friend caught her by the arm and started dragging her inside. “We are both girl, aren’t we?” she whispered to her friend in her ear, causing and bright blush on her face.

Andrea’s resistance fell down and Diane managed to push her inside the store.

It was an anticlimactic event; since, technically, they weren’t out of place. Fact that made Andrea’s fear and initial stiffness fade little by little.

“It wasn’t what you imagine, right?” Diane mocked when her friend finally relaxed after walking around.

“Well, in some way…” she hesitated still a little embarrassed, “but, yeah. Seems like there was nothing to fear at the end.”

“I told you so. In our current situation, we are nothing but ‘mere normal clients’ now.”

“Th-that might be true…” Andrea agreed with little confidence.

“Well, now let’s try some.” Diane giggled.

“Eh?! B-but c-can you actually try it? Th-this is not a movie or series…”

“You need to do it over your current underwear, but…”

Andrea just kept complaining and shaking her head and hands in denial, until her friend gave up on the idea. And at the end, both left the store without trying anything. A result that made Diane sighed out loud.

“You are annoying; you know?” Diane complained when both took seat at a bench. “Why can’t you enjoy the moment?”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I can’t ignore the change and go with the flow. For some reason I feel as if we might end stuck like this if we start to enjoy it.”

“I can understand that,” the glasses girl agreed before sighing deeply again, “but not enjoying such an out of the world experience feels like a total waste to me.”

“I know, but that was just too much.”

“Fine,” Diane turned to face her friend. “Let’s go with baby steps and try something more conventional. Okay?”

“O-Okay,” Andrea gulped.

“No complains.”

“N-no co-complains.”

The next store they visited was one they had visited sometimes before, when they were guys.

“Where are you going?” Diane asked raising an eyebrow, noticing the direction her friend was trying to take.

“Ah?” Andrea’s face turned red and then followed her friend crestfallen.

“Okay, now try this, this, this, and this,” Diane ordered after giving a bunch of pieces to her friend.


“No buts!”


“No buts,” Diane stated with a smile hiding a murderous aura, placing her finger in front of her friend’s face, to stop her complains.

Andrea gulped, sighed and walked silently toward the fitting room.

“Why are you taking so long?” Diane complained after waiting a long time at the other side of the cabin curtains.

“N-no, it’ just that… that…”

“Come on! Just come out already.”

“O-okay…” Andrea gulped and came out wearing a long jean skirt, a beige sweater and a dark purple crochet beret with her hair down.

“You really look cute on that,” Diane stated satisfied.

“Y-you think so?” Andrea smiled shyly giggling nervously.

“Obviously, didn’t I tell you that your problem is just your shy aura? See it yourself,” she said and pulled her friend in front of the mirror outside the cabin. “You are cute.”

“Just a little,” Andrea giggled and agreed unconfident as her face turned bright red at her reflection.

“More that a little,” Diane encouraged her. “Now try the dress.”

“Okay,” Andrea agreed and went back into the cabin, just to came out again in half of the time, wearing this time a short flowers pattern dress. “How do I look?” she asked nervously.

“Mmm…” Diane hesitated before sighing, “You look cute, but why are you trembling that much?”

“I-I’m not trembling,” complained Andrea as she tried stretch the dress to cover her legs a little more. “It’s just that this is too short for me.”
“Como on! If you just need a pair of sandals, a straw hat, and a little collar to get any guy during your usual family trip to the beach next summer.”

“As if I’m interested on that.” Andrea pouted.

“Fine, let me try something next,” Diane stated disappointed and minutes later she came out wearing a black pencil mini skirt with a thick belt and a wine tight sleeveless top. “What do you say?”

“I can fall for you now!” Andrea’s eyes glowed.

“I thought so,” Diane giggled with confidence.



Andrea approached and observed the price tag. Her face turned white instantly.

“Maybe this is not a good idea,” she mumbled showing her friend the price.

“You have totally ruined the moment, but,” Diane gulped with the same pale tone of her friend, “maybe this is not the best moment to play like this.”

The rest of the morning went smoothly, though at the end they just bought each a little hairpin as a memento of the experience.

· · ·

“I’m dead,” Diane stated once they took a seat at a family restaurant in front of the train station park.

“Me too,” Andrea seconded, resting her hear on the table. “I never thought such a day could be so exhausting.”


Both girl breathed deeply and giggled happily.

“One strawberry cheesecake and a cappuccino,” the waitress said placing Andrea’s order in front of her, “and French fries and a soda,” she left the order in front of Diane. “If you need anything else, please call me,” the waitress said and left.

“You look totally like a girl; you know?” Diane said observing her friend enjoying her cake as she ate her fries.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s not as if you are doing anything different and I’m not stereotyping girls, but… I don’t know, you just look too girly while eating sweets.”

“Really?” Andrea tilted her head.

“Some how…” Diane sighed puzzled by her own statement. “Maybe we are turning into actual girls.”

“What do you mean?!” Andrea stopped eating for a second scared.

“Well, I’m not sure neither know how to expressed it, there is something about your way of eating and your reactions when trying that dress…”

“Like that confidence you showed while wearing that set…”

“Kind like that,” Diane mumbled.

A heavy silent fell over the two friends.

“We might be just stressed,” Andrea said before eating a few fast bites of her cake.

“You are right,” Diane agreed with an unconfident grin.

“Why don’t we change the topic?”

“Yeah, nice idea!” Diane agreed instantly. “So how is the manuscript going? Which was the title?”

“It’s ‘Notice me Senpai’ and I already finished the story draft, though I couldn’t muster energy yesterday to start the clean up.” She sighed. “Want to give it a read?”

“Sure, ecchi girl,” Diane mocked.

“Hey!” Andrea complained as she started to look around her bag. “It’s not that kind of story, even if…” the girl suddenly ran out of words.

“Are you okay?” Diane asked looking at her worried friend.

“It’s not here!” She went through the whole content of her bag. My God, it’s not here! But…!” The girl’s face turned dead white.


Andrea couldn’t speak.


Made her friend talk, was harder than expected, but after some minutes Diane managed to get the story from her friend.

“Calm down, if you are that sure about all what you said, you will just need to asked Wilhelm if he has it. Why are you so panicked?”

“Well, if he read it and talk about it with anyone… It’ll be a huge misunderstanding.”


“Because the hero is kind like him and the heroine kind like the current me… Well, I used Nadia and myself as kind of conceptual models…”

“To think that you are that sort of fan-girl,” she mocked.


“Relax, even if he read it, I don’t think he could be the kind of guy that would expose you in that way.”


“Sure. He will just reject you with a gentle smile.”

“I don’t know if that is good or bad at this moment.”

“Anyway, since you haven’t actually interacted with him, I doubt that he could recognize you, specially when you are dressed like a mid school girl.”

“What’s your point?”

“The point is that you just need to ask him for the manuscript and ran away, after recovering it with some luck. After that, if we are still girls by Sunday, we just get you a makeover and help you in your high school debut on Monday. That way he won’t be able to recognize you at all.”

“Ugyu…” Andrea cried after listening her friend plan and perspective of her future.

· · ·

The bell of the school marked the end of classes. And as the students started to walk to their clubs or ran out to their homes, two middle school girls ran into the building of the high school section.

The girls tried to pass unnoticed and up to some point the managed to do so. But it got complicated as their target probe hard to locate. However, after some complicated seconds when they tried to avoid contact with some passing acquaintances, they found the guy they were looking for.

“There he is!” Diane stated when they saw him walking down the path that drove to the school little chapel with Nadia clung to his arm. “Now, remember the plan: Avoid eye contact while asking and prepare to scape as fast as possible. Okay?”

“O-okay…” Andrea gulped.

“Okay, here you go!” Diane said pushing Andrea out of their hiding place.

“Eh?! Ah! Eh?!”

“Etto… Are you okay?” Nadia was the one who asked.

“Ye-Yes,” Andrea bowed, “Eh… A… I… I’m…” Her brain went blank in panic.

“You are the girl from this morning, aren’t you?” Wilhelm asked gently.

“Ye-yes. And I’m sorry to trouble you, senpai. But I might kind have of lost something and…”

“I’ll leave now,” Nadia stepped away, “Good luck Wil.” She left giggling.

“Eh? Wha-what’s…?” Andrea uttered confused by Nadia’s attitude.

“Don’t worry about that. And about those papers… Can you come with me? I left them at the office beside the chapel by mistake.”

“O-okay…” Andrea gulped and followed him.

And when they were finally alone in front of the chapel…

“I’m sorry, but I lied,” Wilhelm stated, turning around and showing Andrea her manuscript as he took it out of his bag.

“Why would you…?” she asked ready to ran away.

“Truth be told, I read it and… Well,” the guy muttered, adverting his eyes and scratching his chin nervously. “Maybe I’m just being conceited, but… Would you want to go out with me?”

“Se-senpai?!” Andrea asked scared and confused still trying to avoid eye contact.

“You don’t need to keep that act; I know that we are classmates. And actually I had been trying to talk to you since the first day…” Wilhelm blushed.


“Sorry, for saying it like that, but since you are always avoiding me… And the way you ran this morning… And then that story…” He scratched his head. “Could it be that… I have a chance?”

“b-bu-but Nadia…?”

“Is there any problem with her?”

“Well, aren’t you going out?”

“Nadia and me?” He asked dumbfounded.

“Yes, you two! WHO ELSE?!!”

“I… I see,” he made and awkward smile, “so you don’t know?”

“Know what?”

“And I thought I have told everyone… We are cousins.”

“Eh?” Andrea uttered unable to understand what the guy said. “Wh-what did you just said?”

“I said that we are cousins.”

“EHH?!” Andrea screamed. “But yo-you look totally like a couple! The-then… Ah.” Andrea covered her face exhausted.

The two students stood in silent for some minutes, until Andrea finally recovered her manuscript shyly.

“Thanks for keeping this safe,” she stated holding the sheets tight to her chest, “but I need to think about this. Please excuse!” She said before running away. Leaving behind a blonde guy that couldn’t stop looking at her.

· · ·

“And that’s the story,” Andrea said.

“That sure was unexpected,” Diane stated.

“I know, for those two to be cousins…”

“That’s not the important part!”

“Eh? How is it not? Are you going to tell me that you already knew about that?!”

“I thought it was just a rumor, since those two look to intimate to be family.” Diane said. “However, what I didn’t expect was that he would set his eyes on you, he even confessed to you.”

“Tha-that’s right.” Andrea gulped.

“So what are you going to do? Since you said that ‘you are going to think about it’… Could it be that you would give it a try?”

“As if!”

“But then…?”

“I might just avoid him till the effect of this magic ends,” Andrea stated carelessly.

“Well, it’s not a bad plan, but you need to be prepared if this last more than a few days.”

“Please, don’t say such kind of scary things.” Andrea cried and Diane patted her head trying to comfort her.