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Black Potion 02

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The first thing I did with my new body was exploring it, of course. After all I was just reborn as a cute woman and despite of all my new memories, I have a need to explore it by myself.

I took of my tie and massaged my neck. It was so soft, long and delicate that I could waste all my time just feeling it. But as I breathed I started to take off my skirt, exposing my long and gorgeous legs. I caressed them and followed them till I could rub my round and sexy ass, where I got lost for some minutes. The next thing I do was removing the corset and feel my slim waist over my silk blouse.

I removed the blouse slowly as I enjoyed the view of my skin being exposed. I let the silk clothe fell slowly caressing my back and arms until it touched the floor, leaving me now just covered by my underwear.

“I love being Elizabeth,” I stated to my reflection cupping my huge breast and squeezing it until my nipples could be felt below my bra. “I love the new me.” I moaned licking my lips.

After that I left the bathroom and walked into my new room. I approached to the bed and left myself fell over it.

“Ahh!” I sighed happily observing the ceiling of my new place. “So this is how it feels to have a girl in your bed?” I mocked to myself. “It feels so good!” I exclaimed stretching out the stress of overwriting the previous Elizabeth.

I stood in silence for a moment and smiled to the emptiness. I rolled over and took a pillow. I felt some weird, but pleasurable jolt when I pressed by breast against the bed with my weight.

I felt warm and began to rub my breast against the bed as I hugged the pillow where I hide my face.

It didn’t take long before I decided to remove my bra and felt that rubbing directly against my sensitive skin.

I rolled over again and massaged my breast and pinched my nipples as my heart speed up and my breath began to get irregular. I kept like that until I felt some coldness between my legs. I followed my sweaty skin to my panties, just to find them stickily moistened.

I smiled and noticed that I was drooling about the idea.

I removed the little piece of clothe and let my fingers sense the stickiness. A jolt of pleasure made me mute a hard moan after which I felt an inebriate happiness coming from my crotch, through my belly, my lungs, my heart, my neck, up to my head. I giggled foolishly.

The next movement was to get one finger inside and I was rewarded by a new jolt of pleasure. One finger, two fingers, three… I reached the climax with a gasping moan.

I stood there, observing the ceiling with a stupid smile on my cute face resting my hot and sweaty body remembering the overwhelming pleasure that drove my mind to white one moment ago.

I loved it.

I tried to remember then the feel of having a man inside me just to notice that Elizabeth, me, was a virgin.

“I can’t believe it!” I gasped in that moment with my eyes wide open, covering my mouth with my little hands trying to hide my happiness. “This is unbelievable. Elizabeth was a pure girl! So I won’t have nothing to ruin my first experience in this body!” I was excited.

“But now I’m curious,” I then left my arms rest on the bed as I thought. “How does having a man inside me would feel?”

I kept going around that idea as the sweat of my body evaporated and left me there feeling cold. And in that instant a sudden memory came to me.

“Alex!” I whispered excited.

Alex Raines was my new neighbor and he had something for the new me. I giggled as I stood up sure about what I was going to do now.

First of all, I took a fast shower to remove the salt of my milky skin. And for an instant I thought about just staying there, below the warm flow of water comforting my fragile body. But as I soaped it, passing my hand over my huge assets and delicate parts, I knew I was going to do it.

I took me I while to wash my hair and dry it correctly. I knew that it would take time, but I didn’t want it to smell as that of a slut, even if I was now one in the inside.

I do my hair and make up. Then I wore my other uniform to fake I was just arriving late from my job. And as I got dressed I thought about the implications of losing my first time in the way I was going to do it. However, that idea was then destroyed by my logic saying: “It would be impossible to have my best time as my first time. This is just the beginning”.

I giggled, licked my lips and went where Alex lived.

Two doors far from mine was that of Alex apartment. I rang the bell and he came out already wearing some loose pants and a huge t-shirt. He was probably ready to sleep. Well, it was already around eleven after all.

I didn’t know what to think of him there, ready to sleep at eleven in a Friday’s night. He was like my previous self…

Thinking like that, I jumped over him and kissed him.

“Hey!” he pushed me away after enjoying the kiss for a longer time expect for someone that didn’t enjoyed the kiss. “Are you drunk?” he asked concerned.

Well, I hesitated when I was going out, so I came back and drank one of the soft beers I had at the fridge. And as did so, I thought that would be the best excuse to do what I wanted.

“Just a little,” I giggled. “But I came because I forgot my keys, would you let me stay here until the landlord comes?”

“Okay,” he agreed shyly without asking questions. He was cute, better looking than my previous self. And thinking like that I jumped over him and kissed him again just after he closed the door.

“What’s going with you?” he asked nervously.

“Nothing,” I pouted and walked inside until I took a seat on his couch.

I felt at home as I saw the mess of a single man’s apartment.

I don’t want to accept it, but my apartment is so neat that I don’t feel it so mine as I should now that I’m a girl.

“Do you want some water?”


Alex walked to his fridge and took out one bottle of water. I was surprised and smiled.

“You seems happy,” he said handing me the water; however, instead of taking the bottle, I took his hand and pulled him until his head fell inside my huge breast.

“I’m happy because of you,” I giggled hugging him.

“I can’t breathe!” he complained.

“You don’t need to breathe; you just need to know that I came here to do it with you,” I stated and released him.

“What?!” he asked with a hard breathing.

“As I said,” I undo my tie and expose my cleavage to him. “I know you have something for me and I came to reward you.”

“You are just too drunk,” he said and tried to scape, but I jumped over him and we fell to the floor.
I got over him and started to undress.

“I’m not drunk,” I stated, “and I didn’t lose my keys,” I added showing them to him. “I just thought that I wanted to do it with you and that’s all!”

I saw his face turning red like a tomato. So I approached my face to him and kissed him slowly, licking his lips, teeth and tongue.

“Dose that mean…?” I place my finger on his lips to keep him quite and finished removing all the clothes I could on that position.

“I’ll be waiting in your room,” I whispered to his ear and stood up. I walked to the door I though was the bedroom as I took of my skirt, bra and panties.

“This is the bathroom,” he pointed entering through the door.

I giggled and jumped over him to kiss him again as I removed his t-shirt.

“I noticed that,” I mocked,” but you have a nice fluffy carpet here, so I don’t mind.”

“Au!” he complained when I made him fall over the mentioned carpet. “You are truly drunk, don’t you?” He tried to resist.

“Maybe, but I still won’t leave without doing it with you,” I stated removing his pants as I rubbed my breast against his exposed torso.

“You didn’t answer me.” He averted his eyes blushing.

“I just want to have sex,” I answered boldly removing his boxers, “but you don’t need to feel bad. Since I want to have my first time with you, you know?”

“Your first time?” He seemed dumbfounded.

And I smiled to him as I began to caress his awaking rod.


I kissed him to quiet him.


“Call me ‘Lizzy’ please.”

“Lizzy…” He gulped.

He kept quiet after that as I kept playing with his thing as I rubbed my breast on his chest and I kept caressing his neck, shoulders and torso, and kissing him.

“You are quite strong, aren’t you?” I mocked as his milky seed covered all his chest.

He blushed and I giggled. After what I began to lick his love juice, from the tip to the source, which I lick, squeeze and suck until it was hard again.

“I love how passive you resulted to be.”


I giggled at his complain as I got over him.

“I’m not complaining neither mocking, I do like this part of you,” I stated letting my long blond hair hide our faces from the light of the bathroom. And I kissed him one more time.

I then stood up and squatted over his crotch. I took his hard key and put it inside my door as I went down.

I moaned with a little pain. A pain that was probably easily spotted on my face, since he asked.
“Are you okay?!” he said trying to move placing his hands over my thighs.

“I’m fine, it’s just that this is too different from touching myself,” I mocked with a hard smile and a little tear on my eyes.

“If you…”

“I want it more now,” I said placing my hand over his, as I leaned over him and began to move back and forward, making his cane harder as my inside became more tight.

I moaned.

I kept doing that movement, also feeling my huge breast jiggling at the same pace, at a distance that my erected nipples were stimulated by the contact with Alex’s chest.

I was drooling as I fasted my speed until the climax arrived.

I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t. I just kept laying by his side. But as I tried to recover. Alex got above me and began to lick and suck my nipples.

I gasped by an even stronger jolt than before.

“I’m might be passive, but I can’t let this go one sided,” he stated with a whisper as he kissed my neck and squeezed my breast with one hand and my crotch with the other.

I couldn’t recover at all before he started to rub my inside with his fingers as he kissed and lick my belly button gently.

“Do it…” I mumbled and he got inside me.

It was completely different while it wasn’t at all. When I was at control I felt some soft electrocution. But when being controlled, the jolting was stronger, faster and even more mind blowing.

It ended in no time, but I was happy for both. I felt protected and desired in the last one, and cared and accepted at the first one. If I wasn’t curious about doing it with other males, I would surely fell for the guy which strong arms were holding me in such a lovely way in that moment.

We slept in the bathroom’s floor that night. And at the next morning, after a breakfast I couldn’t refuse, we have the conversation that we didn’t want to have.

“So what are we going to do now?” he asked, “You said…”

“You are a nice guy; you know?” I stopped him placing my finger on his lips. “That’s why I chose you as my first one.” I smiled and lied to him, hiding the fact that I just chose him because he was the nearest male I could use to have sex with. “But I don’t want to be exclusive at this moment.”

“Okay…” he accepted depressed.

“However,” I kissed him again. “I do want to do it with you again.”

His eyes shone at my words.

“So would you mind a friendship with benefits until I made my mind about the exclusiveness?”

“What if I found someone else?”

“You are too cute; you know?” I giggled at his words, as he got all flustered. “If you found someone that loves you that much, I’ll be happy for you, since you deserve to be as happy as you can be.” I kissed his cheek. “However, until then I’ll be at your care.” I smiled.

“Okay,” He sighed and smiled with a mixture of bitterness and happiness on his face. “I’ll be in your care too.”

After that we separated at his apartments door. And I returned to my own apartment.

Once inside, I sighed and fondled my breast as I exclaimed, “Becoming Elizabeth was the best thing I could have done.” I laughed with a devious smirk on my face.

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