Monday, December 12, 2016

Black Potion 01

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I can’t believe that it actually worked, but it did and it feels awesome.

Everything started when I was losing my time online and I reached a weird page of the deep web called “BlackWishes.Witchcraft”. At first look it seemed as an online store selling black magic objects. Obviously I thought it was nothing, but thrash. However, as I explored the page, bored of my life, I found an object that called for my attention.

“Are you bored of your life? Would you like to be someone else? Get what you think is perfect for you? The Black Potion is for you. Take over someone else and became perfect.”

The publicity shouted “fraud”, but I still bought it. There was something irresistible on it, in the idea of perfection… And it was cheap.

I gulped scared when the little bottle arrived one week later. There were two reason for that. First, after introducing my data on the page, the only thing they never asked for was my address, what put me into a rampage, forcing me to cancel my no good credit card the next day. The second reason was that, even after saving the link to the page, and I even wrote it in a paper, I was not able to return, not even from a different computer with a different IP.

As I was observing the bottle inside its box, I noticed that there was no sign of it having been sent through mail, it was as if it had been personally delivered. I was horrified.

I kept observing the bottle, now in my hand, remembering that when I saw my bank account, the only charge out of place was that of the web page and it was for the correct amount asked for the potion.
Did that mean that it was real?

I didn’t know, but I still saved the bottle and read the instructions. The rules were simple: “Drink it and one minute later you will be expelled from your body in a liquid form. Be sure to be on a position from which you can pass from your body to that of your target or you will be done. Once inside your new body, it will take some minutes, maybe an hour, to take full control of your new life. Enjoy it.”
I didn’t know what to think about such suspicious instructions, so I did nothing for a while.

That’s when I saw her walking on the street. She was a beauty of golden hair and huge breast.

I won’t deny it, I became and stalker. It was not of help to control me that she usually walked in front of the convenience store where I worked exactly minutes after my turn had ended. I desired her perfection and before I knew it, I was ready to steal it.

After following her for few days I finally came to know the best place to assault her within the path between the store and her apartment.

I was out of myself and in that state I drunk the Black Potion seconds before pushing her into an alley.

She screamed and fought, but the potion did its work and I flowed from my trashy vessel to a better one. However, I’ll say that more than a liquid I became something between a gelatin and a worm.

After that I lost part of my consciousness, however I remembered the feeling of pushing my empty body far from my new body and escaping from that alley full of fear.

The next thing I remember was awaking in her bathroom as she tried to throw me up between heavy tears.

“What are you doing?” I thought.

“WHO ARE YOU?!!” she asked in panic. “WHAT ARE YOU?! GET OUT OF ME NOW!!” She was hysterical hugging herself.

I don’t know why, but I was delighted by that fear.

“What are you saying? I can’t get out of my own body.” I stated maliciously.

“YOUR BODY?! THIS IS MY BODY, GET OUT OF IT, YOU MONSTER!! Please…” She started to cry.

It was so weird to feel her fear and my pleasure as one. I wanted more, but I had nothing to pressure her so I thought “If I knew at least her name…” and in that moment I got access to her memories and grinned inside myself.

“I’m not a monster,” I stated calmly. “My name is Elizabeth Richards. I’m twenty-six years old and I work as a secretary at the Scott & Wellington Bank.”

“NO, no, no… no. You are not me. I’m Elizabeth… Elizabeth…?”

“What did you said?”

“I’m Elizabeth… Elizabeth…!”

“How can you claim that you are me without even knowing my last name?”

“No, no, no, I’m Elizabeth! You are a monster!” She kept crying hugging herself as she stood sat on the cold bathroom’s floor.

I sighed and it was then that I noticed how I got control over her body. It was weird to feel that huge babes tightly held by those little arms. I felt their warmness on my new delicate hands and could contain myself from squeezing them. It was awesome.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!” she screamed noticing my exploration.

“I’m just feeling myself,” I said lost on my own pleasure, “You would do the same if these babes were yours.”


She tried to fight, to stop my hands from moving, but the more she fought there more control I got.
She tried to stand up, but her legs became weak as their control became mine.

“What are you doing? That was dangerous,” I complained childishly, “Trying to move a body that’s not yours is dangerous, you know?”

“This is my body.”

“What are you saying? These beautiful long legs could just be mine,” I stated and caressed them and a thought came to me. “These legs are so mine as the cavity between them,” I said and began to rise my skirt.

“NO! No, no… no… Please, let me go…” she kept sobbing in despair.

It was then that I got full control. I stood up as I fixed the skirt. I breath deeply and watched my new reflection.

“What are you saying?” I said with my new voice. “You are free to leave my body whenever you want. After all, I don’t want some annoying crying ghost inside my head.”

“NO, THIS IS NOT…” she shouted inside my head. “Why can’t I use my mouth?!”

“This is my mouth, you fool. Remember? I’m Elizabeth Richards, twenty-six years old and an extremely gorgeous secretary at a bank.”

“No, no, I’m… I’m… I…”

“You not even know your name?” I asked giggling maliciously. “Why don’t you just get lost already?”

She not just not answered this time, but I noticed her fading away at the darkest part of my consciousness.

“Finally I had reborn!” I exclaimed fixing my face. “Ah, Elizabeth, since the first moment I saw you, I know I would love to be you. Just look at this lovely fruits of temptation,” I said to my new reflection, as I undo my tie and expose my new cleavage. “I can’t wait to enjoy my new life.”


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