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True Colors

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“Senpai, I like you!” she shouted as she bowed.

I sighed troubled and turned my face away to avoid seeing the girl in front of me.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not interested,” I stated after breathing deeply.

“Do you have someone that you like already?” she asked and I could sense that she was about to cry as she tried to keep her hopes alive.

“I have none,” I sighed and faced her again, and replied without mercy, “I’m just not interested in girls like you.”

She couldn’t resist my answer and ran way crying.

I fell to the floor exhausted as I observed the sun dying behind the haunted forest.

“AH! I DID IT AGAIN!” I yelled to the heaven as the sunset fade into the night.

I sighed and let myself laid on the ground. I closed my eyes and remembered the previous scene; however, my memory just focused on the wrong things: the details of her precious face, the soft skin of her thighs exposed by her short skirt and the tempting fruits completely exposed through her cleavage when she bowed before me. And then, when my heart speeded up and my blood reached the key to my lust, I began to imagine me raping her again and again.

I opened my eyes and seated, barely able to breathe. I covered my burning face and tried to calm myself.

That’s right, I’m a closet pervert. I don’t know why, but when I’m near to a girl my mind burst in lust and I start to think on doing so many things to that girl that… I know I’m at that age, but I’m sure I might end crossing a line I don’t want to cross if I ever lay a finger over a girl. And that’s why I have rejected each and every girl that has come close to me.

Six confessions so far since I started high school and I have rejected all those girls, senpais, kouhais, you might not believe me, but I have reject even one of the school idols.

And it’s not just that. The troublesome part is that when I do it, I always do it in a way that I end leaving some sort of trauma over those girls. Basically, I’m a confidence crusher.

I sighed again as my fantasies returned to me in a harem level.

Yes, I said “harem level”. The reason is that some of those girls got some sort of dependant attachment toward me, after I apologized to them for my rudeness with a half-truth: “I’m just too focused on my studies and I can be sort of a tsundere. I don’t hate you and I’m truly sorry!” And that dependence reached a level where some of those girls somehow joined forces to approach me all together at the same time.

Telling the true, I don’t completely mind this romantic comedy setting; however, I don’t want to go to jail if I can’t control my weird libido close to them. After all, this is reality, isn’t it?

“Whatever,” I stated to myself as I stood up.

It was dark already, though thanks to the full moon there was no actual darkness around. And not just that, it was such a clear night that even the haunted forest at the distance seemed kind of charming with all the stars over it.

I closed my eyes again, breathed deeply and enjoyed the fresh wind of autumn’s nights, knowing little about what was going to start.

“Yuhu! How are you doing?” a beautiful girl asked me. “I have one question for you: Would you like to experience Halloween in a way you have never do?”

I was astonished by her wine color hair, her clear sharp blue eyes and her milk tone skin, she was gorgeous to the point I couldn’t care less about the fact that she was a witch flying on a broom.

“I’m not interested neither on Halloween nor on non logical existences as witches!” I yelled losing myself. “So don’t bother me with such a…”

“I can read minds, didn’t you know?” she stated. “And I don’t care about those delusions of yours. But before giving you an answer, can you at least listen to me?”

I listened her.

Did witches have such skill?

Well, in first place, how come witches actually exists?!

I was going nuts between my confusion and my desire to eat that cute girl on the bed.

“O-okay…” I uttered.

“Okay, it’s simple. You are the lucky one chosen to come to h… to visit my mansion in the woods,” she stated. “The only thing you need to do is to drink one of these,” she said showing me four test tubes, each with some milky color liquids.”


“Just drink one and I’ll fulfill one of your fantasies!” she said and I couldn’t resist anymore.

I took the test tube with a light purple liquid, opened it, and drank it in one go.

“Okay!” I shouted releasing my true feelings for the first time, “Let’s have sex now!”

“Oka… WHAT?! WHAT KIND OF A PERVERT ARE YOU?!!” she yelled putting some distance between us.

“Didn’t you say that you could read my mind and that you didn’t mind it?!”

“W-what?! I… I just thought that you had fell for me, and that you wanted to go out with me and things like that, you pervert! I didn’t expected that you… AAH!!”

“Okay, okay, I was just kidding!”

“As if I could believe you! I was even ready to give you the honor of experiencing a my virgin lap pillow, but you can go and die already, you pervert!!”

“What did y-you…?” I felt dizzy and weak, “D-did… you… poisoned me?” I asked falling to the ground before bursting into a loud laugh thinking that that might be the best end for someone like me.

“I wouldn’t do such a thing, it’s just the potion starting to do effect,” she explained.

“W-what… kind… of… ?!”

I felt my body starting to burn. I tried to scream, but I found my lungs already empty. I panicked. My heart was at the edge of exploding.

I felt into a nightmare.

I found myself surrounded by a deep darkness, but I was fine since I felt not pain there. However, when I thought I could just let myself rest in peace, a vision appeared before me. It was a cute girl, but not just a girl; she was the first girl I reacted to.

I was such a precocious kid to have such reaction being just eight years old.

But she was not alone. Just after she appeared, another girl appeared next to her and then another one. I thought that I might have reached heaven, when they start to approach me.

I was dazzled surrounded by those beauties. They were giggling, caressing me and just flying around me. I was in the ninth cloud; at least until they began to tear me apart.

The nightmare ended and I awoke again in the middle of the park were I rejected that girl in the afternoon.

“Was it just a dream?” I mumbled the question to myself as I seat, but I was astonished for receiving an answer.

“It was not,” a lovely voice stated with a little disgusted tone on it.

“You…? Was that…? Then…” I spouted before realizing the change. “My voice… MY BODY! I’M A GIRL!!”

“Not just a girl, you are a succuby,” the witch pointed, “which is a perfect shape for a pervert.”

“Succuby… A succubus?!”

“Yes, a demon of lust…”

“But… Why?!”

“To be able to visit the Vlair’s Mansion, you need to stop being human, you fool.”

“But… I don’t want to be a girl! Please, turn me back to normal!”

“I can’t… do it for free,” she adverted her eyes.


“It’s your fault for being such a pervert! And I won’t ask for money or those kind of stupid things. I just want you to help me to prepare a little party… that’s all,” she stated shyly the last lines.

“And if I say ‘no’?”

“Your true colors will be exposed to everyone for the rest of your life!”

Such a death sentence.

“Okay,” I resigned myself and sighed, “I’ll help you.”

“REALLY?!!” She approached me again.

“It’s not as if I can reject it under the current circumstances.”

“That’s true.” She adverted her eyes again.

“Well, lets hurry and finish with those preparations as fast as possible, I have things to do tomorrow.”

“Okay, but it will take some days…” she replied.

“What did you say?”

“It will take some days,” she repeated herself adverting her eyes as if looking for and escape route.


“FINE!” she shouted and took out a wand, which pointed toward me. She pronounced some weird words and my now baggy clothes turned in some sort of bikini armor.

“WHAT THE HELL?! ARE YOU TRYING TO HUMILIATE ME EVEN MORE?!!” I released all my bloodlust.

“Wait!” She cried scared as I walked toward her. “That’s a succuby armor!”


“Just try to think in a piece of cloth and you will see, but picture it perfectly in your mind.”


I stopped my threatening, closed my eyes and breathed deeply thinking on the girls’ uniform of my school and suddenly I felt less exposed. I opened my eyes and found myself wearing the uniform I imagined.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “You are really a natural succuby!”


“I meant that, I didn’t expected that you would be able to do it at your first try, sorry.” she stated a little scared of me.

“Wait, so can this turned me back…” I didn’t wait for a reply and repeated the process, but this time the result was not the one that I expected. “Just my clothes?”

“A succuby’s armor can’t change you that much, though it can change the color and length of your hair and can help you hide the most outstanding traits for a lust demon,” she explained.

And just at that instant, after returning the armor to its original form, I noticed the wings on my back, the tail above my ass and the horns around my head.

“Okay, but that doesn’t solve the main problem. I’m still a girl!”

“I know, but that’s why I added those jewels to your gauntlets,” she said as I put attention on the shinning jewels on my forearms. “Those magic jewels will make the people around think that you had always be a girl.”

“But what will I do after I return to be myself if I change their mind now?”

“Once the effect it’s gone, they will forget everything from when you were a girl, it will be as if nothing have happen.”

“Really?” I asked finally somehow calmed.


“Well, It can’t be helped now, right? I already put myself in this position.” I sighed.

“I’m glad to see that you got it fast and didn’t do anything to me,” she said relived.

“Accepting my current situation doesn’t mean that I can pardon you for turning my into a girl.”


“So now what?”

“Well, I need to go, so we depart here.”


“Don’t worry, the magic jewels will guide you to the mansion, so until then, just try to get use to your new body.”


“Okay,” she giggled, “Then until tomorrow!” She said and rose to the night sky.

I sighed again now alone.

“Well, what am I gonna do now?” I asked myself observing my long chestnut hair, my long legs, my soft skin, and my charming little breast. I turned around and being sure that I was alone, I fondled my ass and breast until and idea popped on my mind.

“If I’m a succubus…” I wondered. “What am I saying? I’m a guy,” I tried to hold myself. “But this body… maybe I can play with it now that it looks like this,” I knew it was useless to resist; I was already drooling at the idea at that moment. “Well, just as she said, these are my true colors. If I’m already exposed, I’ll just enjoy it,” I giggle lustfully thinking in how much I could do now that I had a body that couldn’t resist the instincts I had been repressing for so long.

“Men be prepared, because I real nympho has arrived to the town!” I declared to the night ready to start hunting.

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