Friday, October 7, 2016

The one in charge of the Sabbath

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There’s nothing like flying under the light of the full moon. The soft breeze caressing your face, the sound of the night surrounding your senses and the magnificent view of the world seen from the sky; there is no thing better for a witch than flying under the veil of such a night.

But despite this beautiful night, I can’t be as happy as I could. The reason is simple: I have been forced by the witch council to accept the responsibility of preparing this year’s Sabbath.

Can you believe it?!

With so many witches out there ready to embrace such an “honor”, my mother… I mean, the current head of the Twelve Cauldrons Council, forbade me to reject the change!

AH!! It’s not fair! It can’t be! What is that about a witch having responsibilities? Witches are those that connect the boring human world with the mysteries of the supernatural world! We are the only mortal beings that should be exempted from such nonsense as daily life responsibilities!

¡Hahhhh! I can’t stop sighing exhausted just by remembering the conversation with that old witch:
“Scarlet D’Vlair, you are one of the few witches that have reached the S Rank at her studies, and you are also the third one in history to do so before her twenties. With you skills, it is undoubtedly that you will be a candidate to be part of the Twelve Cauldrons Council, if not that you are nominated for the head position.”

I could just tsked to point out my lack of interest on the matter. She sighed long and deeply as a reply.
“Scarlet,” she called me.

“Yes, mo… mam.”

“This year, you are going to be in charge of preparing the Sabbath for The Night of all Saints.”

“WHAT?!! The Sabbath! Do you know how much effort such a thing needs?!!”

“Of course I know! How many times do you think I have been in charge?” Her severe tone and the weight of her words kept me quiet instantly. I could just gulp as a reply. “Scarlet, this is for your sake. Up to this day, I have give you all the freedom a witch of your caliber deserves; however, all you have done with that freedom is waste your talent and time on games and frivolity.”

“But mom…!”

“Scarlet D’Vlair!” she sentenced with her official tone. “From this day on, you are the witch in charge of the preparation for this year’s Sabbath. What means that, if you fail, I, as the head of the Twelve Cauldrons Council, will have to expel you from the magic community and seal your powers for an indeterminate time! Am I clear?

“Yes,” I gulped, “mam.”

Since that night, it has been a little bit more than two months and the true is that I haven’t prepared anything.

I can’t stop sighing when I think about that, but there’s nothing I can do now. If I can’t prepare this year’s party, I’m going to be transformed into the most boring being in this world, I’ll be turned into a mere human. Because that’s what humans are, powerless existences tied to the boring reality of responsibilities.

Whatever, I need to hurry and arrive to the mansion at the Vlair’s Forest.
Though it is a shame that these parties are always full of the same faces, well, the same essences, each year.

Bodyhoppers, Shapeshifters and a huge bunch of boring beings related to witches.

I would have really loved to be on those parties grandma Olga is always talking about; those where vampires and another night creatures join the witches to celebrate the night when the gate between the living realm and the spiritual real is open.


And that’s why I made these potions. One sip and the vic… the fortunate will be transformed into bait to gather all those guests I want to meet.

I can almost see a party full of new faces.

Ah! This is indeed the only way to muster some motivation to fulfill a boring task!!

And as I said, there’s nothing better than a full moon night to fly. And the reason is that this is the perfect moment to find the “lucky candidates” for my little experiment.

But talking about the King of Rome, I think I have spotted the first one.

“Yuhu! How are you doing?” I greeted the “lucky” guy, who seemed dazzled by the beauty of this gorgeous witch falling from the heaven over him. “I have one question for you: Would you like to experience Halloween in a way you have never do?

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