Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Great Shift 04

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“Can you be more gentle, please?” Alexander complained as his friend kept doing with him as he pleased.

“Sorry,” Joshua said as he kept licking and kissing his friend’s cheek, neck, and shoulder, “it’s just that…” He kept squeezing his friend’s breast as he fondled his back with his own.

Just one month before, Alexander and Joshua were both best friends and guys. But when The Great Shift landed them inside their respective crush, their relationship turned awkward. Though as time passed and they began to feel more comfortable with their bodies, they started to hang along again.
However, despite the fact that both felt more comfortable with their new gender, they couldn’t completely overcome the desire they felt toward each other. So, after a weird and difficult conversation, they accepted to give it a try and do it.

“Just what?” Alexander complained again, muting a moan, noticing how his body was already moistened.

“It’s just that I can’t control myself, you are now the most perfect girl before my eyes,” Joshua stated as he got his hand inside his friend’s panties.

“Wha…what are you saying?” Alexander moaned completely blushed out of embarrassment. “And why are you the one having all the fun?!”

“I can’t answer that,” he said as he kept enjoying himself with his friend’s body. “We started at the same time, but you are the one that stopped and left the whole job to me,” he said before pulling his friend’s nipple, making him moan loudly, “though I’m not complaining. I just thought that you were the type that enjoys being done,” he said as he put one of his delicate fingers inside his friend’s pussy.

“B-but…” Alexander muttered another moan, “I… I don’t know… but… please keep it like that! This is… You are… Awesome!” He moaned out loud again.

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