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Please notice me Senpai? (Part 01)

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“Can you believe how exaggerated is the reaction of the girls whenever his involved?!” Adrian complained again.

“It can’t be helped,” his friend, David, kept trying to calm him down, “he is a foreigner and even if you don’t want to accept it, he has good looks.”

“I know!” Adrian agreed while kicking a pebble in the middle of the road. “The worst is that he is also good at both, studies and sports. He not even has troubles with the languages!”

“Don’t forget that he has a nice personality too.”

“AAH!!” Adrian shouted annoyed. “I can’t stand that stupid new student!!”

“What you can’t stand is that he is getting along with Nadia,” David stated placing the finger on the wound.

A cold sweat appeared over Adrian’s face while a chill ran through his back.

“What did you say?”

“Did you think you were hiding it?” David sighed. “Everyone who knows you knows that you have a crush on her.”

Adrian was dumbfounded.

“But look it this way, you had no chance from the beginning,” David stated as if nothing.

“And do you call yourself my friend?!” Adrian asked annoyed. “What about some support here?”

“Exactly because I’m your friend is that I’m telling you the truth.”

“I know,” Adrian sighed and kicked another pebble outside of the road as he stopped to watch the flowing river at his right. It was view that he has observed many times since he could remember. Calm and fresh, with a charming glow accompanied by the smell of the fresh grass and the sound of the water. It was a view that always comforted him.

“This might not be of much help, but there’s one important reason why Wilhelm got so close to Nadia in just three days.”

“Which is?”

“They are from the same country,” David revealed the fact to his friend, looking him right into his eyes with his poker faces, enjoying all the changes on his dense friend’s expression as he realized the obvious.

“Ja… ja… ja, ja!” Adrian burst into laughs. “That’s true! It is not that I have not chances, it’s just that that damn new guy has some good free flags on his side!”

“Eh?” David was astonished by his friend’s comeback and the outstanding level of denial on it. “Are you serious? Didn’t you understand what I just said?!”

“Well, it’s decided,” declared Adrian pointing to the horizon. “Since tomorrow, I’ll win her over him!” He stated out loud and kicked a third pebble.

“AUCH!” the voice of a girl complained from somewhere in the grass. “Who the hell threw that rock?!” A redhead girl wearing a pony tale and a school uniform they have never seen around stood up and approached them.

“I’m truly sorry!” Adrian apologized before the girl could complain again.

No one said anything until the girl finally broke the silenced with a deep sighed.

“Fine, it wasn’t that painful after all,” she said. “However, since I’m already up and you accepted your fault, I’ll give you something.”

“Eh?” both guys blurted.

“Truth be told, I listened your little conversation.”

Adrian face turned red like a tomato.

“You… Wha… Did you… Whe… How…”

“You are lucky guys,” the redhead girl smiled. “To meet me, The Great Expert in Love Affairs, Mikoto-sama, must be a sign of fate!” She laughed arrogantly.

Both guys exchanged exhausted glances thinking the same: “Quite a chuuniesc speech.” After what, they sighed and returned their attention toward the auto proclaimed expert on love affairs.

“I can read your minds!” she stated. “But it’s useless to fall for the fabulous me, after all, there’s no way I could fall for mere humans.”
“Well, we need to leave now,” Adrian said with already a few steps of distance.

“Yeah, it was a pleasure to meet you, Mikoto-chan,” David added also ready to escape.

“Eh? EH?! Why are you escaping as if your have met a weirdo?!!” She ran toward them and childishly complained on their faces. “And I was here ready to give you my must valuable charm!”

Both guy sighed again and apologized.

Mikoto, pouted and kept silence few seconds before pardoning the guys and continued.

“Well, I’ll give you my awesome charm, just because my friend hasn’t call me yet and I’m bored.”

The two guys laughed with an exhausted and disappointed expression, when the girl took out a box of cheap chocolates.

“You, extend your hand!” she ordered, pointing Adrian with a finger.

“Yes, mam,” he uttered without energy and extended his hand to receive his chocolate.

“Mmm…” she muttered thinking and turned to face David. “Do you want one too?”

“Why not,” he said and extended his hand to get a free chocolate.

“Okay, now, before you eat the rare charm created by this gorgeous witch, let me warn you that the effect might or might not last enough for you to fulfill your wish depending of the actual strength of that same wish. Got it?”

“Y-yes…” both guys answered, unsure about the girl’s words.

“Good, then you can eat it!” she said exactly when her phone rang. She jumped because of the surprise, before picking up the call. “Yes?… Oh, Scarlet! Is it…? Okay, sent it to me… Okay… Fine… I’ll see you then.” She hanged up the phone. “Well, guys I’m leaving now. I wish you the best of lucks of your love affairs!” Mikoto smiled and ran from the place, leaving behind to confused guys. “I hope you can win him over!” she shouted before disappearing on the distance.

“What was all that?” Adrian asked.

“I have no idea,” David answered with his mouth full with the chocolate. “This choco is not that bad.”

“Really?” Adrian asked before eating his own charm. “Was this brand this good?”

“I don’t know, but I might buy a box for myself later… for investigation purposes,” David stated sucking the remaining chocolate on his hand.

After that, the two friends kept walking and chatting about meaningless subjects until they reached the nervy bridge, where they departed.

Adrian was still sighing, thinking about how was he going to be able to defeat the transferred student, when he passed in front of a convenience store. It was still early, so, remembering the chocolate that the girl gave them, he ended buying a box for himself. But it wasn’t as good as the one the girl gave them.

That afternoon, Adrian spent his time playing games completely unable to focus neither in his homework nor in the manuscript for the clubs anthology. His mind was a total mess.

The veil of the night fell before he could think about anyway to claim the victory. In fact, the more he thought about it, the less confident he felt about himself.

· · ·

“Andy, you are gonna be late!” the call of his mother awoke Adrian, who was still half sleep when he walked into the bathroom and noticed the change.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” he screamed so loud that his mother appeared on the entrance of the bathroom.

“Are you okay?!” she asked scared.

“N–n… no… m-my face… m-my hair…” Adrian couldn’t form a single sentence.

“Andrea!” he mother scolded her. “Do you know how much you scared me?! I thought you have harm youself or something!” She sighed. “If your hair is a mess, just tie it in a pony tail and remember to put your alarm so you can have time to fix yourself next time. Now, the breakfast is ready, so hurry up if you don’t want to leave without eating anything.”

Adrian was dumbfounded, but when he was finally able to speak, his mother was already gone.

He faced his reflection one more time.

Long black hair, big eyes, soft skin and cute lips were just the beginning, as she noticed her whole silhouette by giving some steps backward.

It was hard to believe, but unable to face her new self in the mirror longer, Andrea returned to her room, where she found her phone ringing.

“Y-Yes?” She answered.

“ADRIAN, IS IT YOU?!” a girl’s voice asked urgently.

“Y-yes…” she doubted, “W-who are you?”



“YES!” the girl at the other side of the phone stated. “Thanks goodness I could find you. This is so weird. When I woke up…”

“I know, I also…” she hesitated.

“…I WAS TURNED INTO A GIRL!” both declared at the same time.

It took them sometime, but after some minutes they managed to clam themselves.

“So what are we gonna do?” Andrea asked. “Do you think we might be able to find that Mikoto girl?”

“I doubt we can ran into her again, but since she said that the effect might not last long, why don’t we just enjoy the experience?”


“It’s Friday anyway, let’s just skip classes,” David whispered, “and do some exploration.”


“Oh, also, this might sound weird, but do you have your uniform? I mean, the female uniform from our school?”

“Eh?” Andrea was confused by the sudden question, “I don’t know.”

“Can you check? When I woke up, my mother also told me that I’ll have to wear the one from the middle school section because of ‘the accident’ we have at home economics…” David explained.

“I don’t see any from the high school, but I also have a middle school uniform at hand… That’s weird.”

“So what do you say? Why don’t we meet at the train station to introduce us our new ‘middle school girl versions’?”

“I don’t know…”

“Think it like this, maybe if you explore your feminine side, you will find a way to capture Nadia’s heart…”

“I’ll see you there in thirty minutes!”

“Perfect,” David said amused by how simple was his friend. “Oh! And before I forget it, seems like my current name in ‘Diane’.”

“Diane?… Okay. See you there… Diane.” Andrea hanged up and blushed thinking that that was her first time setting a date with a girl, though the girl was her own childhood ‘male’ friend.

· · ·

Andrea was finally ready to leave, though she was already late. The main reason was that she couldn’t ignore her own body. The soft skin, the long hair, which she tied into a pair of twin tails, the small breast, the slim waist and the narrow hips were all so different from what she remembered from those magazines she hide from her mother, and the most strange part was that all those assets were now hers.

Her mind was still spinning around when she finally managed to leave her house.

She ran as fast as she could, sure that Diane was going to scold her for being late. She speeded up at the little slope at the end of the street, where the bridge started, ready to cross it at full speed. However, the last thing that she could imagine passed. Just where the last building ended, she crashed with someone.

“Are you okay?” the gentle voice of a guy asked Andrea, who was on the ground trying to understand what just occurred.

“I’m fine, tha…” she answered until she noticed whom was the guy talking to her. She was speechless before the handsome guy talking to her. The last guy she wanted to see, Wilhelm.

“Please, let me help you,” He smiled and hold the hand Andrea was lifting in an attempt to point the blonde guy she crashed with.
“Thank you,” she nervously said once she was on her feet again. “Sorry,” she apologized.

“No need to worry,” he replied kindly. “Seems like we are both in the same boat, aren’t we?”

“Eh?” she uttered tilting her head lost of context.

“We are both late for school,” he laughed gently.

“Oh, yeah!” Andrea went back to herself. “My things!” she exclaimed and began to pick up her things.”

“Let me help you,” Wilhelm helped, but when their faces met at few inches…

“T-Th…Thank you very much!” Andrea shouted, took what she could with her and escaped as fast as she could, completely unaware about what she just left behind in the hands of the guy she didn’t want to meet on her current situation.

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