Sunday, September 25, 2016

TG Café - Anny's Chapter Epilogue

Well with this my first series comes to an end.
And since this is also my 300th caption,
I'll close with it the Third Season of the blog.

Now, please click and read the last part of the TG Café series.

--- Middle School arc ---

--- High School arc ---

--- Afterwords ---

Well, at the end of each “lightnovel” there are a few words from the author. I know this is not exactly the same, but I want to use this little space at the description to thank you all for reading my first series and for all the support along this year and a half, specially because of your patience for this little depressive author that tended to disappear for undefined periods of time.

I’ll also want to give a especial thank to "unknown2nd" since he was the one that managed to encourage me to write this first series as long with the suggestion of the “TG Café” concept.

With that said, I hope you have enjoyed this little story as much as I enjoyed to write it, even when I wasn’t sure where I would find the inspiration and energy to keep writing a series.

Thank you.

Oh! And since it's the end of the season I’ll take few days to rest and to change the look of my blog.

So please be patient since “I’ll be back!”. XD

See you!!

PS: Please, if you like the story, leave a comment. And don't forget to subscribe.

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  1. congratulations for the 300 captions and its awesome that the season is over i wonder how will be the next season


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