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Creepy TG Pasta: Pokemon

This story will work better if you listen the following soundtrack as you read...
But be prepared to have nightmares for a couple of days.

The following story is based on unconfirmed events.

It’s incredible how easy is to find spooky stories everywhere. Especially when you are not looking for them. However as the scary-cat I am, I’m dumbfounded by how these stories came to me. After all, I found many while I was just looking for images for my usual captions work.

In this occasion let me ask: Who hasn’t heard about Pokemon Go by this time? I’m almost sure many of you would already be high-level trainers by the moment I share the results of my little net surfing with you.

However this story is not just related to this particular game of the franchise. This story began whit a mysterious apparition.

For those of you who don’t know, let me tell you that in the sixth and in the seventh generation of the game, there appears a mysterious girl looking for someone. It doesn’t sound creepy at all, until you notice that she is looking in the graveyard.

But if that is not enough, the second time you meet her, she appears right behind you in a blink of the screen, moves around you without any feet animation, just to disappear before the zoom out leaves you alone in an empty room in the second floor of the building.

Who is this mysterious character? There’s no official answer, however there is something sure: “You are not the one” she is looking for.

I know, this is a little creepy, but it’s a fact.

But lets move forward, since this mystery got weirder once I found offline information.

A few days ago I met again with a friend from the time I was at college who got a little obsessed with the last addition to the Pokemon world.

The conversation was not really that interesting, since I haven’t touched a game for nearly six years. However, by the end, she told me a spicy rumor: there is a secret pokemon that appears only under particular circumstances.

As you can bet, it won’t appear so easily, but when it appears you must be careful.

This secret pokemon is a female Misdreavus, a cute ghost type pokemon that isn’t listed between the official ghost type pokemon in the app. However, when you are not the kind of person that would look into the guides, how would you know that?

And also, as you can bet, the circumstances include for you to play at night. But that won’t do the trick; after all, everybody knows that ghosts just appear below the veil of the night.

The other two prerequisites to invite this shy pokemon to appear in front of you is that you must be hunting in a lonely place, it doesn’t need to be desolated, but your screen should be ninety eight percent empty of humans. And the last one is an infinite loop version of the original music theme for Lavander Town being played.

She laughed, when telling me that she tried to get it without luck. She also accepted that the creepy music beat didn’t help so late at night.

However she told me that one of her little sister’s friends did it and even told both what happened after this secret ghost appeared.

He was playing in a nervy park to his house. He told them that he never expected that the lovely park he always crossed at mornings and afternoons could become so scary once it got empty at night.
But he was brave, or he might have been to obsess with the rumor. It doesn’t matter. After all, around midnight, the cute ghost finally appeared in his screen.

He threw one. He threw two. He threw who knows how many pokeballs, but he couldn’t capture her. But there was something odd that he mistook for a blessing, the little ghost didn’t escape.

If you have played with the app, you should know that the pokemons will escape if you fail, especially if your fail continuously, but this didn’t. It was as if it was teasing him, as if she was luring him. And it worked.

At the beginning he just approached a few steps and tried to capture her again. Then he approached more. And when he was almost over her, she moved to a safe distance without escaping.

The persecution was slow, but before he noticed it, he was already running, following the cute ghost in the screen.

The distance was unknown just as the direction, but when he realized it, he was in front of an unknown building, an empty dark building.

He accepted he was a little scared, that he felt butterflies in his stomach, but when he saw the little ghost in his screen mocking him, his bad temper got the best of him and he kept following the cute ghost. He ran into the building and then stairs up until he found himself in the middle of the empty second floor.

He looked around searching for the little ghost and swore a few times thinking he lost it. But then a little laugh mixed with the music loop, he found his prey. But there was something awkward. The little ghost was in front of the stairs entrances, however, in the screen, instead of stairs there was an elevator door.

He tried to catch her many times until the doors of the elevator opened and a lovely voice said: “You are the one!”

My friend got goosebumps and squirmed because of a chill running through her back, but I didn’t care and hurried her to tell me the end of the story.

She sighed and told me that was all. She also told me that she did the same, when he was telling them the story. However the friend of her sister giggled and said that the end was anticlimactic.

He couldn’t capture the little ghost that escaped inside the mysterious elevator animation, but that instead he got sixty six official ghosts pokemon, twenty two of each one and each of high level and stats.

I sighed a little disappointed by such an end until she showed me a picture of him bragging about his price.

“Didn’t you say that it was a male friend?” I asked looking at the picture.

“He is… Well… She was, I’m still not sure,” she said.

It was then that she told me that the night when he was part of such an event was his last night at the city. He had to move the following day to another city because of his parents’ jobs. And when I asked why he didn’t stay, considering he should be a college student, she told me that she used that opportunity to go out of the closet. And that picture, sent to them a few months later, was not just to show them the result of the ghost quest, but also to show them how happy she was of finally being able to be her true self.

I nodded, still observing astonished the selfie of a beautiful gothic girl holding her phone up to show her game stats in front of the mirror.

Then I asked my friend if she knew anything about the Lumiose City girl. And when she answered that she didn’t know, I sighed and asked about the transparent white hand over the shoulder of the gothic girl, but my friend said it was just my imagination and that that was just the light reflected in the mirror.

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