Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Maid's Mission

«I was reluctant to accept this mission because it included espionage. But when I saw the payment account, I couldn’t resist. That’s why I borrowed a bodysuit with enhanced libido, but this level is crazy… My-my mind goes blank in-in an instant!»
“What are you thinking Natasha?” he asked, moving his hand inside his maids skirt to fondle her crotch just as he squeezed her breast.
“Mi… Mister?!” Natasha bit her lips to not moan out loud. “I-I’m not… Ah!”
«I’m so horny… I need to… I need to… What was that? My… I have a mission… I can’t think!»
“How many times I have told you to call me ‘Master’ when we ‘play’?”
“So-sorry… I… Just…”
«What was it? I… My body is boiling!»
“You are a maid, Natasha. Your mission is to serve your master and I’m your master. Understood?”
«Y-yes… I… I’m a maid…»
“Yes, master.”
“Good girl. Now, your master needs to release some sexual tension…”
“I’m here for you, master. Do with me as you please.”
“That’s why you are my favorite made.”
“I’m honored by your words.”
«I’m so lucky to have a master… that needs me in the same way I need him… I’m such a lucky maid.»

Requested by: tamograph3 

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