Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Creepy TG Pasta: Töhö

The following story is based on unconfirmed events.

It’s been a while since I had the courage to get involved with a horror story. However, because of my job I ended reading about some rumors…

You might have already heard about Second Life and Minecraft, don’t you? If you don’t… I’m speechless.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

I just recently started to actually pay them attention and, as curious as I am, I ended finding quite a number of stories that were not that nice and others that…

One of them came from an actual witness I won’t reveal.

This friend of mine warned me about what I could found within these virtual places, and I replied that I was aware of the dangers online; however, he told me that those aren’t the worst dangers I might face within those games. Obviously, I was intrigued.

His reason was simple. The sandbox games were created to give total freedom to the users, up to a point where theme can cross certain lines. I asked which lines, but he kept silence.

I didn’t get it, but I noticed how his face turned pale as he organized his thoughts to explain me properly.

“Some people add, weird things to their creations,” he said and, deducting what I was going to say, he continued. “I’m not talking about malware. You should be careful about that even more, but that’s not what I’m talking about. No. What I’m talking about is a little more… creepier.”

“Some people create weird places within those games to satisfy their twisted needs and share them with the world just to find people with the same twisted perspective and desires.”

I told him that that was to be expected, that even the most crazy person would want to find people to connect with. And here was the important point.

“That’s true,” he agreed, “however, sometime, unwillingly or purposely, they create something so weird that…”

The explanation was weird, but, in resume, he was talking about the graphics and images that hide dangerous things without disrupting the code.

With that warning, he told me about his weird experience.

It seemed like just little weeks before, as he passed time within Second Life he came across with a huge Töhö fans group and as they talked, one told him (and to few others) about this crazy version of one of the famous locations of Töhö, The Scarlet Devil Mansion, which was generated in Minecraft. He obviously gave them the address to access it.

Mi friend told me that the so-called link was a little awkward, but he was curious. He is also a little paranoid, but who could blame him, and he has no personal information within the machine he uses to play online. So he accepted the risk.

He did it some days latter, at night, a rainy night. Why? He is the kind of person that lives online. He connects daily and he ran out of things to do that night. Another reason is that he never expected to find what he found.

At first sight, it was a map he had already seen. However, the peculiar part was that it was modified to be always at night, and not just that, that person also added a red filter to the night. “The effect was quite outstanding,” he stated with a halfhearted smiled.

After that, he started to explore the inside of the mansion. And it was then that things turned awkward. The lights inside were too low and there were some weird sounds added. “It sounds like whispers and groans.”

He said he was fascinated by how ghastly it felt. I would have logged out in that instant, but as a fan of scary movies, he continued exploring. And it was then that he noticed it.

“There were mobs,” he said, “or I want to believe they were,” he added, as if he was trying to convince himself.

According to him, thanks to whatever the modifier had done, the screen was black at the corners and it was almost impossible to see what was at the edges of the screen. But exactly there, two red points appeared.

The strangest part was that, they didn’t attack, he couldn’t access them to see through their perspective and when he tried to focus them or approached them, it was as if they have never been there.

He finally felt there was something weird there. So he decided to finish his visit and went to explore the basement.

Everything got creepier when he found that something was not working as it was supposed, though, at that point, you could say that everything was weird.

The glowing magic circle before Flandre’s room was shinning, and when he stepped inside it a strong closing door effect sounded followed by a locking sound effect. Then the whispers volume increased and a single line appeared in the screen: “I want to go out and play. Would you take my place so my sister won’t get angry?”

He said it was scarier than how it sounded. Especially since he couldn’t leave the room, since, when he turned around, there was nothing but a black screen full of little red dots, and it got worst when he couldn’t log out, he couldn’t close the game and he couldn’t turn off the computer.

He faced the door again, before trying to unplug the computer, and then the line changed to say “Please”, followed by his real name.

He said that something tempted him to open that last door, something oppressive in his surround. But, in a heart attack twist, the power went out because of the rain. And he assured me that, one second later, he heard a spectral girl giggling.

In that instant he took his batter lamp and ran out of his room.

His story ends there, but when he went back online to overcome the trauma; he met again with the Töhö fans and heard that one of them, a guy, got banned for going a little overboard while playing to be a berserkered Flandre. He also talked to two or three persons who visited the link and agreed that it was creepy. However when he asked about Flandre’s room, they said that, when they entered the room, they found something less outstanding, but that was still out of place. They found a high quality image of the girl that, when you approached to it, prints in the screen:

Listening this my friend asked when did they visit the link and he found that all of them did it days after him. He even found out that the banned guy was the one the entered after him.

It was probably because of that that he took the risk to step over a landmine and asked for a way to contact him in real life. There was hesitation in the group, but he got his Facebook address. And, as he loaded the profile, he asked about the guy who gave them the link. He didn’t returned after that.

When he read it, he got nervous and when he looked the Facebook profile and saw the guy cosplaying as Flandre in his most recent picture, he just laughed freaked out.

Or so he said.

But I wanted more, some evidence, so he showed me the Facebook profile just to see the transition of an average black haired guy to a kind of cute blond girl. And when he showed me the picture of the character he was talking about… A knew why he laughed.

After that, he told me that the link to the map stopped working the same day he found out about that transitioned guy. So there was no evidence, nor a way to know what found the first guy that entered that room.

Requested by "paranoido"

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