Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Usagi Clan


“Hy,” Ben answered barely able to breathe, just to gasp again because of his new voice, a voice as sweet as the one that asked.
In that instant the light was turned on. Ben stood speechless at the view. First he noticed he was now a girl and was now surrounded by a harem of bunny girls. And almost each seemed as surprised by the scene as him. And just like him, each blushed out of their respective exploration of their new bodies.
“What a lovely view!” a man talked from above and all the girls turned to see him. He was a cute bunny guy. “I know you are all confused, but that’s to be expected after a body transformation. So let me explain you. I’m Usagisuke, from the Usagi Clan, and your situation is simple: you have been chosen to become the brides for the Usagi Clan. As you will see, the Usagi Clan has been decreasing because of the lack of usagi-girl birth. And since the human males have the perfect amount of sexual desire, we had turned all of you into female usagi-girls to become our brides. But don’t get it wrong, the Usagi Clan is a modern society, so as long as you accept to keep giving birth as many babies as you can, you will be free to do whatever you want. Plus now that you are part of the Usagi Clan, you have now the ability to use Moon-magic. Isn’t this an awesome deal?”
None of the girls knew how to react to such speech. However, it was obvious for all of them that each of the others had mixed feelings as them. But when the must playful of the bunny girls began to giggle as she folded her own giant breast, all the other girls relaxed and giggled too.
“Seems like you agreed,” the guy stated, “now time to meet you future partners!”
A door opened and a crowd of bunny guys appeared, all of them were good looking. And in an instant each was with a girl.
Ben was reluctant, but for some reason he was unable to resist the guy talking to him and when he finally asked him if he could became the mother of his kids, he agreed.
How many had fallen because of the charm, Ben didn’t know. However, what he did know was that now he was Beth and that she wanted to be start playing bunny games with that bunny guy she was following.

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