Friday, May 13, 2016

The not that useful Layers Attribute

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He thought about putting it over Martha’s, but he had read that doing so would trap him as Martha forever, and he didn’t want to be Martha for more than a long weekend. But then he noticed it, the label “Layers Attribute Included”.

He wasn’t sure, but took the risk. Kim’s petite body was more delicate and sensitive than Martha’s. And despite the fact that Kim’s breast was smaller than Martha’s, he enjoyed them more. After he finished the body exploration, he did the fire test and for his pleasure, he could not just remove Kim’s but also Martha’s costume. Austin was in heaven as he put on the costumes again and left the cubicle as Kim.

With the astonishing discovery of the Layers Attribute, Austin decided to take home a few more costumes: the sexy redhead from the accountancy department and that of the cute nineteen age old practitioner.

It seemed as it was going to be an awesome diversity weekend. So after exploring the teen’s body in the bathroom, Austin changed the order of the costumes to leave the building as Vanessa, the redhead; mainly because Vanessa had car, while the girl didn’t.

That night he went clubbing, after getting a change at Vanessa’s apartment. He found a guy and had an awesome sexual experience. But then, the next day, when he wanted to try another costume out, he found a miscalculation in his plan.

Since the universe had set that that Friday none of his victims carried a big purse. Austin simply thought it was easier to leave the females’ belongings hidden at the office. So now he had no clothes for the girls below the redhead, nor a way to enter her apartments. He thought it would be easy to enter the teen’s home, but her parents would suspect something if their daughter arrive wearing someone else clothes, specially if those clothes were not appropriated for her age nor size.
Also, thinking about the teen’s parents, he realized that he would need to give them a good excuse to not get them to report her as disappeared… At the end the Layers Attribute was not that useful, especially without a good plan.

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