Friday, April 15, 2016

Magical Hime

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“You do have quite a budget, don’t you?” he asked, as the monster kept moving into an adjacent alley. However, when the last tentacle took a trashcan lid and threw it toward him, almost decapitating him, he understood.
“This is real… ¿Isn’t it?”
“That what I had been trying to tell you.”
“I see.” He began to laugh heartlessly. But as he did, thinking on how much tine he spend wishing to be part of a shounen manga, the chuuni flame burst within him again. He not even hesitated to follow the alien up to a lonely storehouse.
“By the way… Now what?” he asked noticing the fierce glance on the alien who was not going to let him scape.
“That’s why I told you to wait, but you just ran without listen to a single word,” said the cat shaking his head. “Here, take this,” he gave him a mysterious crystal. “Now say ‘Power On!’ and you’ll get enough power to defeat it.”
“Ok,” he agreed. “Power On!” he shouted, believing that he would transform into some sort of Sentai hero; however, as the light of the crystal engulfed him, he noticed how his body was been transformed and, with each change, a sweet soft «Kya!» came out of his mouth. Then, when the light faded, Magical Hime made her debut.
“What the Hell?!” Tetsuro complained when he saw himself turned into a sixteen-years-old girl with little assets.
“Do you think it’s a good moment to be distracted?” the cat asked.
It was too late; the monster captured Magical Hime.
The time felt eternal between the blue octopus’ tentacles, since Magical Hime could ignore the moist suction cups exploring her skin.
It was in that moment that the actual hero made his entrance.
“Let go of those girls!” a deep voice ordered from inside the darkness below the hood that covered his face, as six flashes went out of his extended arm.
Six knives stabbed the blue tentacles, forcing the enemy to let go of its preys.
“Finish it now!” he ordered Magical Hime.
“Just shout ‘Final hit!’ as you point you staff to the alien,” explained the cat.
De alien disintegrated in front of the amazed Magical Hime.
“Well done,” the mysterious guy said and disappeared.
Little after, the girls awoke, thanked Magical Hime’s, who did abandoned them when they were unconscious, then they said good bye and left. After all that, Tatsuro finally asked.
“How do I go back to normal?”
“Oh! Just say ‘Power Off!’”
Once the original Tatsuro was back, he asked «Might you explain me everything in detail?» without trying to hide his bloodlust.
The scared kitten, who introduced himself as Schwarz Undweiz, explained then everything to Tatsuro.
“Ok, I got it.” Tatsuro sighed exhausted after listening the explanation. “So this is just the beginning.“ He began to laugh gloomily, remembering the slimy sensation of the tentacles over his body as he imagined his coming future as Magical Hime.

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