Friday, February 19, 2016

Incubus' Curse - Prologue

“Ok, this should be enough,” Aidan stated closing the book in his hand observing the work done.
«Maybe I should continue, shouldn’t I?» the kid gulped, trying to stay in calm and muster the courage to do it; but, who could stay calm when trying to summon a demon?
Aidan contemplated the chalk circle drawn in the floor according to the book instructions. He breathed slowly and deeply, after what, he began to turn on the candles placed on each tip and intersection of the star inside the circle. Finally, he took a sharp knife and prepared to offer his blood.
«I can’t believe I’m really going to do this» he reluctantly thought as his hand trembled, making the sharp edge glow. «This must work.»
He approached the knife to his hand hesitating, but remembering the jokes done at his expense by his friends, he mustered courage out of desperation.
A shallow cut, few blood drops in the center of the magic circle and the incantation reached its climax with a “Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay…! This hurts!” scream.
Liking the small wound in his finger Aidan saw the rite reluctantly, but with his fear dispersed out of pain, he didn’t hesitated to continue. He put a band-aid with a strawberry pattern in his finger and got in place.
 “Shadow born from the lust of human kind I summon you,” he ordered in from of the circle with his hand in front of him. “By the spilled blood I command you to accompany me in the path to adulthood. Show before me, Succubus!”
The minutes passed and nothing.
“I knew this was ridiculous!” Aidan grumbled throwing the book to the floor frustrated. Exhausted, he breathed deeply and calmed himself. He sighed and picked up the book. “Maybe I made some mistake,” he mumbled opening the book again in the summoning chapter.
 “What a sweet smell.”
With such words the abandoned room was filled covered by darkness. The candles extinguished, the temperature dropped and the heavy fabric covering the hole in the wall fell, letting the ghostly light of the moon enter the room.
 “Eik!” The kid jumped scared. “W-who are you?” he asked unable to process his current situation.
In front of him, in the center of the circle, was a young, slender, silver haired and handsome guy observing him with wine color eyes.
 “I’m Maximillian Fredicksen, a high ranked incubus,” he introduced himself, performing an elegant bow. “Nice to meet you.”
 “Incubus?” Aidan muttered confused.
 “Yes, I am,” Maximillan smiled, letting his deep black bat wings spread; however, the reaction of the kid was not what he expected.
 “God damn it!” Aidan threw the book to the ground irritated. “Not even the demon girls approached me!”
 “Y-yes?” the incubus replied confused.
 “Get out!” Aidan ordered infuriated. “I don’t have interest on incubus or alike, ok?” he stated picking up the book one more time, mussing for himself: “where did I make the mistake?” as he kept passing the pages.
 “I’m sorry to tell you this, but that it’s impossible.
 “A demon can left until its contract with the summoner has been fulfilled, “the demon explained approaching Aidan calmly.
 “What are you saying?” Aidan gulped stepping back nervously.
 “The contract must be fulfilled,” he smiled caressing the girly face of his contractor.
 “Eik!” the kid screamed falling on his rear. “W-what?!” he uttered in panic waving his arms in denial. “W-why do you think I tried to summon a succubus? I-I don’t know demons, but I d-don’t swing that side!”
 “The smell of your blood will never attract a succubus” Maximillan stated squatting to look into his contractor’s yes.
Those deep wine color eyes look directly into Aidan’s soul, frozen him there as a frog hypnotized by a snake.
 “About the swing, I agree,” the incubus accepted with a warm smile giving some hope to the kid, but the hope turned in despair when the demon stated with malice, “however, that has an easy solution.”
Maximilian spread his wings wrapping the trembling Aidan with them.

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