Saturday, February 20, 2016

Incubus Curse - Chapter 01 (Part 1)

«Tuh, tuh. Tuh, tuh.» The familiar sound of the cell phone alarm awoke Aidan.
«A dream?» he thought observing the pale yellow tone the sun gave to the ceiling of his room. «A nightmare more likely.» He breathed deeply and sighed. He closed his eyes again and began to spin over himself to return to sleep. However, as he turned around, he noticed it.

“What the hell?” he mused sitting up. In that instant his eyes opened widely as the light of the sunrise contoured his new shape.
Clear soft skin, delicate arms, little hands and two mature fruits on his chest; Aidan was perplexed.
«This is a dream, isn’t it?» His mind entered into denial. «A dream, it can’t be anything else!» He contained his breath and slowly drove his hands to the new temptation.
Softness, warmness, form, weight, everything was perfect, except for one thing. «No, no, no, no, no… NO!» Aidan’s mind broke in panic as his hands hold and shook his beautiful breast, an action that confirmed the reality of his current state.
“It can’t be, it can’t be, it can’t be!” he kept repeating until he ran out of air. And suddenly a new sense of fear overcame his panic.
He gulped.
He contained his breath.
He raised the blanket covering his lower part.
“NO!” The scream was so loud that the birds on the tree behind his window flew away in a hurry.
“I’m… a girl…” Adian observed in shock his naked self in the full-length mirror his mother gave him when he moved to the city.
Long legs, slender waist, delicate factions, beautiful lips, long eyelashes and a not so long, but silky walnut color hair.
“Even I was surprised by the result,” a familiar voice stated from the entrance of the room. “I knew, by the smell of your blood, that you had potential, but I was amazed by how much it was.”
Astonished, Aidan turned to face the owner of that voice. Maximilian was there, observing him delighted. And it was then when an unknown instinct awoke inside the girl.
A chill ran through her back and her face turned bright red.
“GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” she ordered covering herself with the blanket as she threw her pillow to the watching devil.
Maximillian not even tried to avoid it, but when the pillow fell from his face, it was the door the one which hit his nose.
“Hey!” the guy complained. “That hurted.”
There was no answer.
Facing such silence, the demon sighed with exhausted resignation. Then he picked up the pillow on the floor, observed its whiteness, approached it to his face and smelled.
“So sweet,” he stated softly.
“Give me that, IDIOT!” Aidan shouted, opening the door, recovering her pillow from the guy’s hands, just to go back to her room.
Maximillian sighed again shrugging, smiling with resignation one more time.
“Answers, now!” ordered Aidan hitting the table furious.
“It’s good to see that you are adapting quickly,” he guy said as he finished to serve the breakfast. “That clothes really suits you.”
The face of the girl turned red again by the compliment received because of the pink shirt and jeans that she was wearing.
“Th-that’s i-irrelevant! Now, stop playing fool and answer. What’s going on? Why am I a girl?!”
“Well, now I’m serving the breakfast,” he answered just like that, “and you are a girl because I was not going to do that with a guy.”
“That’s not what I meant,” the girl said losing her temper, “I am talk…” She gulped as her face turned blue as her mind processed the second statement of the guy sat at the table. “«Do that with a guy»?” she repeated softly with terror. “Did you…?”
“You can relax,” he stated starting to eat. “If it had been that easy, I would have left the human world long ago.”
“W-what do you mean?”
“When some one summons a lust demon, they are just willing to have sex and they used those words almost literally,” he sipped his coffee. “Just with a clear request we make the contract; however…”
“However?” Aidan asked taking sit in front of the guy that suddenly stood quiet.
“But that was not what you said,” he sighed.
Aidan tilted her head in confusion and Maximillian sighed again.
“You said « accompany me in the path to adulthood».”
“Oh,” The girl hit the palm of her hand with her little fist remembering her words. “So that’s why nothing passed?”
“Exactly,” he confirmed. “And I tried many times…” he sighed a third time.
“Is that so?” the girl asked with death eyes and with a cold expression that clearly showed she thought that the guy in front her was less that trash.
“Can you stop seeing me like that?” Maximillian asked with his pride hurted.
“Seeing how?” she asked with out change as she started to eat.
A last sigh and then silence.

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