Saturday, February 20, 2016

Incubus Curse - Chapter 01 (Part 1)

«Tuh, tuh. Tuh, tuh.» The familiar sound of the cell phone alarm awoke Aidan.
«A dream?» he thought observing the pale yellow tone the sun gave to the ceiling of his room. «A nightmare more likely.» He breathed deeply and sighed. He closed his eyes again and began to spin over himself to return to sleep. However, as he turned around, he noticed it.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Incubus' Curse - Prologue

“Ok, this should be enough,” Aidan stated closing the book in his hand observing the work done.
«Maybe I should continue, shouldn’t I?» the kid gulped, trying to stay in calm and muster the courage to do it; but, who could stay calm when trying to summon a demon?
Aidan contemplated the chalk circle drawn in the floor according to the book instructions. He breathed slowly and deeply, after what, he began to turn on the candles placed on each tip and intersection of the star inside the circle. Finally, he took a sharp knife and prepared to offer his blood.
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