Sunday, August 2, 2015

Creepy TG Pasta: Game

The following story is based on unconfirmed events.

We all have heard at least once about those creepy stories going all around the Internet. After all, when one is an avid reader of captions, one would end, sooner or later, clicking over one of those weird images and read its spooky content.

This stories are sometimes label as true stories, some others are even said to be written by the person who experienced the phenomenon or being a close one to that person. But the true is that most people just take those stories as the mere result of the incredible imagination of someone trying to scare them with our own consent.

I’m not good with scary story, so I’m always running from them. From the short scary captions online to the millenary legends of my own country, I’m always avoiding the subject. But despite my own nature, my human side is curious and because of that I have ended on those sites reading those stories every now and them.

But my story actually began when I decided to answer anonymously to one of those stories.

I can’t remember exactly which was, neither the story nor the blog where I posted my comment. It was long ago, I was still a high school student, and it was one of those weird days when I went through a particular large amount of horror stories.

I was a little paranoid when I wrote that. As I said, I’m not good with those subjects. I felt like something was observing me from every shadow. So, as I tried to calm myself, I came over with a little idea and decided to post it at the very last blog I visited that day.

I’m sure you will find this laughable. Why wouldn’t you? After all, this is not a story of mysterious deaths or disappearances, but the story of a transformation that would blend and fade between many real stories. However the trigger for that transformation… You will see.

My hypothesis began by noticing one fact: there are three types of stories.  The first type is the one where the being has always been there. The second one is where the grudge creates a dark being. And the last type, and the one that inspired me, is where the person or people began a “tag game” with something they shouldn’t.

I’ll tell the truth, I haven’t and never will attempt to start one of those. However I theorized that it might be probable to trick the entity into a game where the rules would be always in favor of the living one.

The scheme came from the part that scares me the most, betting one’s life. So I choose to bet something different, gender.


Simple, I had read and still ready tg captions. So I went through that path.

The requirements are simple. You just need a girl’s doll, a male action figure, a container, water, salt, a small mirror, a red string, a candle and one drop of the player’s blood. Yes, blood, or did you thought it would work without the creepiest spice?

The next thing is to “sit” those toys in the container together tied with the string arm by arm. Then you should fill the container with the water until the string is completely covered by it, however you need to be sure that the heads of the toys remain as dry as possible. And you must specially avoid that any of those ends under the water.

The following step is to pour the salt in the water and then place the mirror facing both toys. And to finish the preparations, you need to stain the figure’s face that you think represents you better with one and just one blood drop, give a name to the other toy and let them rest for at least six hours.

Then as the traditions dictates, right at midnight you should remove the head of both toys and exchange it. How you do so doesn’t matter, as long as you avoid their head to get wet or worst, under the water. After that return the toy with their heads exchanged to their position on the container in front of the mirror, turn the candle on, place it behind the toys and turn off all the lights.

“My head for your body!” You must sentence firmly to the darkness.

If the candle goes out… good luck.

I didn’t believed it myself when I wrote that. After all, “they” have no body, right? It was a fraud game. Though I was never going to put it into practice. But I do remember that after posting that my paranoia fade away.

But this story got its climax two years ago, when out of curiosity I went through the net again looking for that kind of stories and found a story about a certain guy that tried to play a cheat a spirit with a game.

That game was the one a described above.

I can’t remember the scary description, but basically he was diagnosed and sent to an asylum as he kept saying that a girl was perusing him through the mirrors.

But then, four years later he… she was discharged after finishing her transition under the conclusion that her crisis came from one of the worst gender identity disorder ever.

But there is still one last part for this story. Since no one could figure out its meaning.

At her last session with psychiatrist she said: “I’m thankful for all the help of the people around me, however I’m ashamed I’ll never be able to thank the person who help me the most.”

“Why not? Who is it?” the doctor asked.

“Her name is A…” She interrupted herself smiling mysteriously, according to her doctor. “Her name is anonymous2409. The girl that found a way to let me out the darkest closet I was, so I could live the girl’s life I wanted more than anything.” She giggled again and that was all.

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