Saturday, May 23, 2015

The pleasure of a Costume

By far, the longest story I have write for a caption ever.

Please click in to read it.
I know you had been wondering since long ago how does it feel to wear a woman’s body, haven’t you?

(Giggling) I knew it.

Well then, let me tell you everything.

Everything starts as you look for a prey. The exciting pleasure of looking and hunting a sweet young prey is delightful, but that’s just the beginning.

The next part is a spicy drug that began with the softness of the skin of your prey on your fingers. There’s something irresistible on the touch of that fading warmness that can’t be explained.

After that comes the expectation of that still moisted sensation on her lips as you extend her mouth to wear the suit. Yes, there’s no magical zipper on her back. No, you must use one of the openings to access, and there’s no one more comfortable than the mouth. You just need to stretch it and get inside.

However, do it slowly, to enjoy the pleasure. At the beginning it’s a little complicated, but when you got used to it, you would enjoy the slippery, warm and fluid feeling of the inside. This followed by the sudden perception of a sweet cold; yet warm feeling of softness on your feet and legs, as the ones of the suit became yours.

And what to say about the moment that comes from the transition of passing from male to female as you pull up the costume. It is as if an electrical wave runs through your spine right to your brain to release endorphins to overcome the know constitution of your half transformed self.

In this point, I bet you will make a pause to enjoy that mysterious feeling, but let me continue. (Giggling)

The next step is to introduce your whole upper part.

It tickles, the change the abdomen its like having butterfly on the stomach. And it gets weirdest as you get your hands and arms inside the suit, but just at the instant that the whole thing arrange, you will feel the heaviness of your new assets. Take it easy and began with smaller ones first, handling big breast at the beginning is hard. The pain of the back might overcome the pleasure you will be expecting. Practice makes perfect.

Once you are used to this, you will be able to enjoy the subtle pleasure of resisting the gravity pulling down your chest.

At this point you might want to breath, but all those different stimuli will overcome you, just enjoy them. (Giggling)

The following part is just to pull up the head and moaned as all the previous explorations overcome yourself as you reached the real female orgasm.

You probably are curious why this moment reached up to that moment. Easy, as long as your head is male, your brain also remains male, so half of the information stuck half way and the action the release it is the completion of the transformation. Though you still need to accumulate it first. (Giggling)

After that, the world its yours to explore it as your new self, the self born from getting yourself inside a more fabulous presentation.

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